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Youl's Friends Chicken Fillet

Love At First Taste at Youl’s Friends Korean Food Haus

The first time I tried Korean food was when I ate out with officemates in a Korean restaurant in London. I remember being welcomed by a strong, unfamiliar smell that my officemates said is that of Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish made of seasoned vegetables. Since I had no idea what was on the menu and my officemates encouraged me to be adventurous and get whatever is there, I got myself a heaping plate of extra spicy food. I don’t even remember what that was called. All I remember is that it was super spicy. So spicy I had to drink water for every spoon I put into my mouth. I never set foot in a Korean restaurant since then…until recently.

Some time in August, a new Korean restaurant popped up right in front of our office. While our new neighbors are very friendly, I never bothered to try the restaurant out because of my Korean restaurant experience. But since one of our staff eats there every day and swore that they serve really good food, I decided to give them a try.

For my come-back to Korean food after five years of staying away from it, I asked for something that is not spicy. They recommended their Korean-style Pork Tongatsu (PhP 129.00). Man. It was love at first taste.

Youl's Friends Tonkatsu
Youl’s Friends Tongatsu

For a very affordable price, I got myself a huge slab of tender pork, deep-fried and swimming in a sweet and savory sauce with a mix of mushrooms and onion bits. It came with white rice sprinkled with sesame seeds and a side serving of shredded cabbage and fruits. They usually serve this with Kimchi, but I opted out since spicy isn’t my thing.

Curious about the rest of their dishes (and because they’re literally one big step away from our office haha), I started eating at Youl’s Friends Food Haus every day to try out what they’ve got to offer. After having tried their food, I’m not surprised it’s become a big deal in town. They cook really good food–and it’s going to make you want to keep coming back for more!

Another favorite dish here, which my minis love to bits, is their Chicken Fillet Meal (PhP 99.00). It comes with rice sprinkled with sesame seeds and a special sweet and spicy sauce that comes so well with the tender chicken fillet.

Youl's Friends Chicken Fillet
Youl’s Friends Chicken Fillet

If spicy isn’t your thing, you can request that they put ketchup instead of the usual sweet and spicy sauce that they add. I’m not a fan of spicy food, but I really like this one. The minis, on the other hand, prefer to have this with ketchup.

Another one we recently tried is their Burger Steak, which basically burger drizzled with a sweet mushroom-based sauce served with rice, a sunny side up egg and cabbage strips.

Youl’s Friends Burger Steak

If you live around town, this is something you might want to try! As of this posting, they are offering 10% on orders made from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Good deal, right?


Youl’s Friends Food Haus
2F Rublou Market Place
Ortigas Ave. Corner Sunset Drive
Brookside Hills Subdivision
Cainta, Rizal

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      Thanks for dropping by, Ochi! My kids can eat their chicken fillet every day without complaints. Super yum!

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