Balik Akademya 2012 atbp.

March 16. A, The Princess, my sister, and I drove South to attend hubby’s Alumni Homecoming at Philippine National Police Academy, Balik Akademya. It’s a two-day event so we decided to stay in Tagaytay on the first day and just drive to Silang, Cavite on the second day to attend the homecoming.

We didn’t do much on the first day since we were all tired and wanted to catch up with sleep. We did get what we wanted – more than twelve hours of sweet sleep.

After breakfast the next day, we headed to PNPA for the 2012 Alumni Homecoming. The last time we were there, I was still pregnant with Kelly so I was excited to introduce her to hubby’s classmates. As soon as we arrived, we looked for Arjay’s classmates since the class prepared a buffet lunch to attendees. After a couple of minutes of walking around the camp, we eventually found the classroom as Class 2009.

We greeted everyone who was there then had lunch with the rest of the class. After lunch, we took a walk around the camp – we brought Kelly to her Daddy’s barracks when he was still a cadet and introduced her to Arjay’s underclass. She definitely enjoyed crawling around the barracks and didn’t want to stop playing with the cadets.

We then headed back to the Grand Stand to watch the most awaited performance every Alumni Homecoming.

The Silent Drill kicked off the performance with their march and really cool alignments. I especially liked their surprise dance number at the end of the drill. Well, it’s not really a surprise for me since I’ve seen them perform before – but if you’re going to watch them for the first time, be sure to watch the whole performance! You’re in for a treat. 🙂

After the Silent Drill, the Slow Drillers headed to the field. I have always been proud of these men because they are the first and only Slow Drill Platoon in Asia. As usual, they gave the audience a performance worth giving a standing ovation.

The event ended at around 5 in the afternoon. We left right after the performances so we wouldn’t get caught in the traffic.

We had dinner at Leslie’s, a Bulalo place recommended by a Twitter follower. I’m not sure, though, but their Bulalo didn’t taste special to me. I still like the Bulalo of Arjay’s dad. 😀 After dinner, we headed to Starbucks to spend the rest of the evening there.

Before leaving Tagaytay on the third day, we gave Kelly another try at horseback riding. It’s funny, though, because she fell asleep while they were going around the field.

After horseback riding, we drove to Nuvali to have lunch at Clawdaddy’s. I still vote for Dampa sa Libis as the best go-to place for seafood cravings!

So that’s how I spent my weekend. How was yours?

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