And he’s back!

I wrote in my previous post that A will be away for a week. I just realized now that he has only been gone for four days. Nakakaloka lang na miss na miss na namin siya! I wonder how we’ll handle it when he goes on training again? The last one he went to lasted for three months!

Anyway. Daddy A already went home last night! They were given an option to check out today, but he decided to go home instead. Hotels are no fun without Kelly and Mommy (haha, bola!).

I noticed how behaved Kelly became when A came back. I guess the tantrums are really just her trying to tell me that she wants her Daddy back. That’s why A spent the whole day bonding with Kelly.

Of course, A didn’t just make up for the lost time with Kelly. He also made sure he made up for the lost time with me. He did that by putting his chef-wanna-be mode on. He kept telling me how good the food is at the hotel and how nice it would have been if Kelly and I were there to enjoy the food with him, which is why he prepared a hotel-like breakfast for me.

Well, that’s just Pork Tocino and rice – but I appreciate the effort. 😀 He also cooked his famous Chicken Afritada for lunch, but we were so excited to eat it that I wasn’t able to take a photo.

After lunch, we went to the mall to pay our bills. I also bought something he’s been asking me to buy for months already, but I’ll save that for another post.

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