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Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Parents Will Love

Are you planning to throw a baby shower for a friend or attending one? Shopping for baby gifts is exciting! There are lots of cute items for babies, but you also need to be practical if you really want to help a parent out when the baby comes out. Below are some practical baby shower gift ideas that parents will really appreciate (I know–I have three kids!).

Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas |

5 Practical Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

Note: All the items I featured below can be bought online. Just click on the links to order them! Also, for complete transparency, some of the links are affiliate links. What that means is if you purchase through those links, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you. I’d really appreciate it if you can buy through my links–pa-coffee mo na yan sa’kin! 😀

Newborn (Unisex) Starter Set – Believe me, soon-to-be parents will really appreciate it if you gift them with a newborn starter set. Newborn clothes are tiny, but they can get a wee bit expensive sometimes. For a three-time mom like myself, it’s super helpful (budget-wise) if someone gave us a starter set.

Newborn Diapers – For tiny bodies, newborns can sure drive you nuts with all the pooping and peeing. If you want to give soon-to-be parents a gift, give them diapers. Lots of them. I once attended a baby shower where the parents only asked for one gift from their guests: diapers. And I understand! Charlie is only three weeks as of this writing and I can’t count how many packs of diapers we already bought.

P.S. Go a step further by being eco-friendly with your gift too. Get the soon-to-be parents these cute cloth diapers.

Baby Swaddle – Parents who have gone through the newborn weeks will understand how important a swaddle is. Newborns have a startle reflex, which usually wakes them up while they’re fast asleep, which can be frustrating for parents since once that happens, they go through the whole cycle of putting baby to sleep. Although we love every waking moment of baby, parents also need to take a break. A swaddle can help lessen the times baby is woken by his startle reflex.

Manual Breast Pump – Breastfeeding can be a bit of a challenge during the first two to three weeks. I know because I’ve been there three times… the first time was a fail so I resorted to formula. The second and third time around, I made sure I was ready. No milk goes to waste, I said. Thank goodness for breast pumps like Haakaa because it captures let down really well. Mom-to-be will thank you for getting her this. Even my OB and lots of her other patients recommend this!

ADD THIS TO YOUR MANUAL BREAST PUMP: Lactation Cookies – Help a mom out on her first few weeks by giving her a month’s supply of lactation cookies. There are lots of bakers who make these yummy treats, such as Mommy Treats and Sweet’s Surprise (I’ve tried both).

Nipple Cream – Since we’re in the topic of breastfeeding already, a nipple cream can come in handy for a new mom. What I found really effective is the Motherlove Nipple Cream. You might also want to throw in a Nipple Shield while you’re at it. You can buy these online from Baby Mama.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping! 😉

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