Battling the flu… again.

Daddy A rarely gets sick. And when he does get sick, everyone else will surely catch the virus. This is why I try my best to keep the family, especially Daddy A, at the top of their health. Unfortunately, illnesses cannot always be prevented.

If you watched the news last week, you probably know about the fire that burned the houses of over 200 families in Cainta, Rizal. Daddy A was one of the firemen who responded to that fire incident. It started at around 4 in the afternoon and was only totally put out by around 2 in the morning the next day. Imagine all the smoke Daddy A inhaled! So, as expected, he went home coughing his lungs out. To stop the cough from getting worse, I made him take vitamins and told him to drink lots of water. Sadly, the cough got worse and a week later, we all caught it.

Daddy A is feeling a lot better already. However, The Princess and I are getting worse. I have a really sore throat while the little girl is suffering from a really bad cough (I’m worried after what happened the last time she got sick). The Little Man is starting to cough as well and I’m hoping that it will not get worse.

I already wrote a post about caring for a toddler with the flu, which is why this time, I’ll be talking about how to take care of yourself when you have the cough and colds – especially if you are breastfeeding. These are the things that worked for me. If you are breastfeeding and feeling under the weather, it is best to consult your doctor right away.

Sick and breastfeeding, what can you do to feel better?

Drink lots of fluids. I keep a 2-liter bottle of water with me all the time. This way, I will always remember to drink water. Aside from water, I’ve been drinking Vegetable Juice from Tipco with my meals. According to the label, it is loaded with vitamins that can help boost the immune system.

Mom On Duty

I know that tea is not recommended for breastfeeding moms. But since my throat was really sore a while ago, I decided to drink one cup of Organic Black Chai Spice Tea. My throat feels a whole lot better now.

Sip some chicken soup! I love eating Tinola whenever I’m sick. I like it loaded with ginger since it helps clear the throat and nose.

Try the salt water gargle. I highly recommend this if your throat is sore. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt with a cup of water then gargle for thirty seconds. Do this every four hours for relief.

If your nose is congested, use a saline nasal spray. A saline nasal spray is a natural remedy for a congested nose. Using it regularly will help thin mucus and cleanse the nasal passages of bacteria.

Finally, rest is important for healing. I find myself feeling a lot better after a good nap. Now that we have nannies for the kids (Thank God!), I try to rest as often as I can to make up for the all-nighters with our little man.

Other remedies that fellow Moms recommended are:

  • Calamansi Juice with no sugar.
  • Lemon Water – Add half a lemon (sliced) to one liter of water
  • Salabat or Ginger Tea – Shred an inch of ginger, add to boiling water until color changes then strain

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