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The Express Yourself Parenting Workshop by SM Cinema, Snack Time & Smart Parenting


To celebrate Disney’s biggest movie of 2015 and to fulfill SM’s goal to provide bonding activities for families through entertainment, SM Cinema and Snack Time held a fun-filled workshop for parents and children to encourage family bonding.

While the minis enjoyed activities at the kiddie corner, we were invited to listen to talks on effective parenting methods by seasoned speakers such as Chef Roselle Miranda and Mark Dean Lim at the Express Yourself Parenting Workshop. Topics like bento box making and the meaning of colors were discussed. These are especially interesting talks for my family and I because we love doing arts and crafts together!


To cap off our afternoon, the whole family was treated to an advanced screening of Inside Out—a movie we’ve been wanting to see ever since the trailer was released months ago!

Introducing the mind of a young girl with five personified emotions—namely Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger—these five emotions lead her through life as she encounters new and uncomfortable changes in a new city. Directed by Pete Docter and co-directed by fellow Filipino, Ronaldo Del Carmen, Inside Out received critical praise for its concept and moving story on family, which were successfully presented in an entertaining and easily understandable manner.

I tell ya, Inside Out is a must-see movie for families! It’ll take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as Riley, the main character, goes through a new phase in her life. I laughed, I cried, and most of the time, I laugh-cried. LOL! It made me reminisce my childhood and reminded me of things I let go of or forgot of as I was growing up. It also made me realize how my life shifted through the years. I swear, it’s a movie that both children AND adults will relate to.

SM Cinema is the leading cinema brand in the Philippines garnering up to 60% of cinema and exhibition in the country. Pack up all your emotions and enjoy a day with the family at SM Cinema! “Inside Out” will be out in theatres on August 19, 2015. Buy your snacks and merchandise at Snack Time, found at any SM Cinema, to complement your movie-watching experience. If you want to avoid the lines, buy your movie tickets now at SM Cinema ticket booths! For ticket inquiries, log on to

About SM Cinema

The pioneer brand of SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc, SM Cinema begun in 1986 as SM’s household brand for movie watching. Now encompassing 60% of the country’s total market share for cinema and exhibition, SM Cinema boasts of 284 fully digitized theatres in 51 branches nationwide, and three big brands under its name. As the front-runner in theatre innovation, SM Cinema will be expanding to more regions, and building more cinema screens in a branch near you. SM Cinema is the country’s leader in movie entertainment.

About Snack Time

The sole food concession unit of SM Cinema, Snack Time is also available at the Mall of Asia Arena, Exploreum, SM Bowling Center, SM Skating Rink, and in WM Cinemas. Snack Time offers a wide variety of food: from snacks such as popcorn, burgers, sandwiches, corndogs, and drinks to meals fit to be served at formal events, Snack Time is one of the biggest food operators in the entertainment and lifestyle business. Snack Time is also the merchandise arm of SMLEI.

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  1. Tyna Quimpo

    You were there!!! It was just too bad that our family relocated to Bacolod. Otherwise, we would have been there. My son loved that movie. His favorite is Joy 🙂

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      My daughter’s favorite is Sadness. That almost got my husband and I in trouble in her school because she’s the only kid who answered Sadness! Haha! But when I asked her why, she said she just likes the color blue and she finds Sadness’ antiques cute.

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