The Princess is crafting!


Every time I need to clean the house or wash the dishes, I usually keep The Minis busy with activities so they won’t bother me while I do my chores.

If simply putting them inside their playroom does not work, I give them art supplies they can get busy with. While The Little Man would either throw or eat the paper and crayons, The Princess would create masterpieces.

Today, she just asked for paper and pencil. I expected that she’d just draw, but when I checked on her, she created a pencil holder! I’m guessing she saw that on Art Attack. 😀

I am amazed at her creativity. One time, I caught her playing with our hangers. She tied them together with the string from her jogging pants (which I now can’t put back! haha!) and said she made an airplane. I also saw her laying all their Dr. Edwards bottles in a line, laid on them and rolled herself across the room.

The pencil holder is a new addition to her collection of arts and crafts. Come to think of it, I might need a shelf for all her stuff!

Kimberley Reyes

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