Baby 1st Car Seat

When Kelly was still very small, we used her baby carrier as a car seat. When she grew bigger and started to sit, we let her sit with one of us at the back of the car. It was okay until she learned to crawl. She would go up and down the car seat, play with the windows, and sometimes even find a way to get to the front of the car.

Traveling has become extra stressful since then. So, we finally gave in and decided to buy a car seat for her. There were a lot of choices, but we were specifically looking for something that can hold her until she is about four to five years old and is not too expensive.

After going to different malls and letting Kelly try the car seats (we want to make sure she’s comfortable in the seat), we found the perfect seat in Baby 1st.

Baby 1st Car Seat, Php 3,009.75

It’s a black and grey seat with a checkered seat cover. It has its own safety straps for the baby (as compared to other seats that use the car’s belts as a strap). Parents can easily recline or incline the seat in case the baby wants to go to sleep. Finally, it has a tissue holder and bottle/cup holder on the sides.

Kelly is not a fan of being held “captive” by straps, so it was a surprise that she stayed still throughout her first ride on the car seat. Gone are the days that either my husband or I would literally crawl after Kelly in the car. I think this is a worthy purchase!

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