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#LoveSNR February Deals

The love month isn’t over here at the Mom On Duty home and that’s all thanks to our S&R shopping loot. Although Daddy A and I may seem relaxed, we actually have crazy busy schedules. Despite our hectic days, though, we still make it a point to spend some time with each other.

One of our favorite date night treats is having a glass of good ‘ol wine. It doesn’t have to be in a fancy restaurant, fyi. Most of our date nights actually happen at home. And our treat of choice with our wine? Ferrero chocolates! Imagine how excited I was when I saw our favorite date night pair–wine and Ferrero chocolates–as part of S&R’s February deals.

S&R's February Deals feature a wide variety of sweet and romantic Valentine's Day treats at amazingly affordable prices!

Para sweet, we got the Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Cabernet Sauvignon with Ferrero Rocher (PHP 519.90) in a heart-shaped container. Love month nga diba? BUT I realized I should have gotten the Penfolds Koomunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet and Ferrero Rocher T24 (PHP 974.90) since it came with more Ferrero. LOL! I swear, we can never get enough of that chocolate. Pair it with wine and we’re in heaven!

Treat your kids this Valentine's month by bringing home a pack of V-day themed chocolates!

Of course, I wouldn’t go home without anything for the kids. They are crazy for anything Hershey’s so I got them the Hershey’s Valentine’s Assorted Cupid Mix (PHP 449.95). As expected, they squealed with joy when they saw the pack come out of the grocery bag.

Have you treated your family this love month? It’s not too late! The February deals at S&R will be available until February 29th. For more updates on promos, like their Facebook page!

P.S. A lot of you have been asking about the requirements and perks of being an S&R member. I so #loveSnR and I highly encourage you to become a member as well! I’ll write a separate post on that in the coming weeks.

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