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Keep Your Family Healthy This Summer With These 5 Tips

How to keep your family healthy this summer |

Summer is here, the sun is out, and it’s time to leave the house! You may be tempted to go out for ice cream, soak up the rays, or chow down on some hot dogs, but try a healthier approach this time around. Enjoy the best of the activities with the family while staying healthy by using these simple tips.

BBQ the Healthy Way

We love to pile our plates with high-calorie foods; it’s not the best approach to staying healthy. An excellent way to take advantage of the grilling activities while the family stays happy is by grilling vegetables. Veggies remain tender on the inside with a charred, smoky exterior that is to die for; use tin foil or brush the grill with some olive oil and use eggplant or squash. Use the leftovers for a quick side dish during the week. For dessert, you ask? Try your hand at grilling peaches with honey cream.

Go to the Pool

Why stay indoors when a refreshing and relaxing day awaits outside? Go for a swim with the family and try new games rather than the old favorites like Marco Polo. Make a game out of swimming and race against each other. Try harder strokes like the butterfly or backstroke for an extra workout and tone those arms while you’re at it.

Go on a Picnic

Make some quick brown bag lunches and set up a picnic blanket at the beach or lake. Bring a soccer ball or play volleyball, the possibilities for a fun family work-out are endless. Rent a canoe or a kayak for some extra strenuous activity. By the time you get home, everyone will be tuckered out and ready for bed, so you’re free to enjoy the rest of the night with a glass of wine or two!

Keep the Inside Cool

Some days the weather can be too hot to handle, especially during summer heatwaves. Stay indoors for some relaxation and make it fun; build forts and try out new crafts. Make sure the air conditioning is crisp so it’s enjoyable indoors. 

It’s essential to upkeep and maintain the HVAC system as a dirty filter slows down the airflow, forcing your HVAC system to work much harder to maintain the proper temperature and save energy. Learn how to change a filter to prevent airborne particulates from entering the HVAC equipment and your living space so the air quality is clean and allergens don’t disturb the family while indoors.

Stay Safe Outdoors

If you’re not careful, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Make sure to stay hydrated! It sounds simple, but it’s crucial to drink plenty of water as prolonged heat causes dehydration. 

Slather on a high SPF sunscreen and continue to reapply throughout the day about every two hours and more frequently if the activity involves water. It’s important to wear SPF even when the day is cloudy because the sun’s rays are still there. Keep the family safe and prevent wrinkles at the same time. Sun damage is the leading cause of aging so keep those wrinkles at bay.

As the kids grow, it’s fun to have lasting memories of summer spent with the family. Grow together with stories to share and learn healthy habits on the way.

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