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My Kid Just Said #15

Romblon Adventure

We have a mini in the house asking for a baby sister. Every day, the Little Man would walk after me, repeating, “Mommy, where’s my baby sister?” Every time he asks, I would explain that it’s not yet time for another baby, that he and his sister are still babies that we need to take care of. And that it’s a lot of work!

The Little Man: *puts his ears on my tummy* Mommy, where’s my baby sister?

Me: *about to answer but gets cut off by the Little Man*

The Little Man: Not yet, Mommy? Maybe when I’m 4?

Our Little Man is starting school this year and he truly feels like he’s a big boy already. He now wants to take a bath on his own, brush his teeth on his own, and choose his own clothes. Since he started acting like a “big boy,” he also started obliging us to give him a little sister so he can take care of a baby, just like how The Princess takes care of him.

The Little Man: Mommy, where’s my baby sister?

Me: Not yet…

The Little Man: But I’m a big boy baby already! I can take care of a baby!

I once asked him if he’s okay taking care of a baby and he excitedly said yes. He even said he’ll share his milk with her. LOL! I’m happy that he wants to be responsible for more things now. Our boy used to just want to play and have everything for himself–now he wants to be a kuya and be responsible for something, someone. This affirms that we’re doing our job as the minis’ parents!

We’re so proud of our littlest for wanting to step up, but for now, they will have to be our only two babies. Of course, if we’re blessed with another one, we’ll definitely welcome the new addition! 🙂

My Kid Just Said documents the heart-warming, silly, and sometimes scary conversations with our minis. Kids do say the craziest things, right?!

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