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Time for Back-to-School Shopping? You’ll #LoveSNR!

This school year is an exciting one for our little family since our youngest will be starting school this year! Yay! The Little Man accompanies me to his sister’s school when we bring and pick her up there. When the girls line up to get ready to walk to the preschool house, the Little Man would often sneak into the line and attempt to go inside with his sister. He really is very eager to start attending his own classes too–and when he found out he’ll start going to school this year, he kept asking us to buy him school materials already. Where else will we go but to S&R, right?

Our back to school finds at S&R

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We love shopping at S&R simply because it houses everything we need at home, in the office, and in school. On Mother’s Day, after we checked out of our hotel, A asked me what gift I wanted and the first thing that came up was a shopping spree at S&R. Haha! I still have so many things to buy for our condo, I needed to replenish our fridge, and I wanted to check out their back-to-school deals.

Speaking of back-to-school shopping, I listed down some of our school essentials this year. With two minis to prepare for, we’re really looking for the best deals.

Affordable, comfortable and durable school shoes. Of course, the first thing we scout for come a new school year are school shoes. We’ve tried quite a lot already for The Princess–from really expensive ones to cheap ones. One lesson we learned in her two years of schooling is that preschool-aged children need shoes that are comfortable and durable because they’re always moving around. The brand that really performed for us is Chicco.

Rain Boots. No one likes there feet getting wet. Since the start of school is also the start of the rainy season, then it’s a good idea to have boots ready to keep your child’s feet from getting wet.

Lunch Bag and Water Bottle. For active preschoolers, we also need lunch bags and water bottles to keep them full and hydrated even when we’re not around. I’ve been using Coleman ever since I was as young as the minis so I trust this brand when it comes to on-the-go food and water storage.

Magnetic Dry Erase Board. Moms, I know you’ve got a lot of things going on in your mind–so it’s good to have something to remind you what needs to be done. I highly recommend getting a board where you can stick all your memos on. I used to use a peg board, but to lessen paper use, I’ve decided to go for a magnetic dry erase board.

Guess what? All these and more are available at S&R! See why I love shopping there? It’s a one-stop-shop for everything we need–which is great since a busy mom like me doesn’t have the time to jump from one mall to another for all our needs at home.

To receive the latest deals from S&R, visit and like their Facebook page.

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