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Letting Her Shine

I let my little girl shine by supporting her passions and by teaching her how to better take care of herself.

Look at that photo up there. Oh my goodness. Our Princess, our little bundle of joy–she looks all grown up already! I still can’t believe that five years can go by that fast. I was just watching videos of her when she was much younger and I can’t help but feel a mix of joy, sadness, excitement, and fear.

We’ve come so far! She’s come so far! From being the mischievous little girl that she was, she has become quite a strong and wise little lady. I can see her slowly spreading her wings; and while she will forever be my baby, I know I have to let her shine.

And that means allowing her to discover what the world has in store for her. This is why we have always been supportive every time she expresses interest in something. When she said she wanted to create art, we bought her art materials so she can paint to her heart’s content. When she said she wanted to dance, we took her to a ballet class (many thanks to Ballet Manila, they have a new branch in Fisher Mall QC, by the way!).

Because of her growing list of interests and activities, I knew I had to make sure that her body is also well taken care of. Aside from giving her food to nourish her growing body and active mind, I also use body care that is formulated for her–like Johnson’s Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo, which is infused with Argan Oil and silk proteins to keep our Princess’ hair smelling fresh and looking shiny all day, every day!

Shiny Drops Shampoo is infused with Argan Oil and silk proteins to make kids' hair stronger, shinier, and fresher.

I love how this shampoo keeps my little girl’s hair smelling fresh despite her being so active! She takes pride, too, that her hair looks shiny and silky with her new bath time essential.

Let your little girl shine like a princess with Johnson's Shiny Drops Shampoo.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Johnson’s Baby for sending over a Princess castle (my daughter ADORES it) along with the bottles of Shiny Drops Shampoo for us to try! Many thanks too for the reminder that although my little girl is growing up, she’s #StillMyBaby! Learn more about Shiny Drops Shampoo by liking the Johnson’s Baby Facebook page!

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