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Why I Can Never Trust Power Mac Service Center Again

A couple of months ago, my newly bought MacBook Air suddenly won’t turn on. I saw two ants come out from the charger dock so I thought that might be causing it. So my husband and I brought it to an Apple Store and we were referred to a Power Mac Center in Alabang.

Upon arrival, we were informed that we will pay PHP2,500 for the check-up IF the cause of the malfunction is water damage. Otherwise, the check-up is free. Since I’m not sure if liquid actually spilled on my Macbook (I have two kids, who knows right?), I just went ahead and had them check it. What else am I supposed to do, right?

A few days later, I was informed by Power Mac Service Center that I can go back for my laptop. One of the agents told me that the cause of my laptop’s malfunction is water damage. He explained that two parts need to be replaced and that it will cost us roughly 45K. “For a 60K laptop, it would cost 45K to replace just two parts?” my husband asked. The agent advised us to just buy a new one.

But we didn’t. We just brought the laptop back home, placed it back in the box and left it there. I was heartbroken because I just bought my MacBook Air only to have it kept inside the box because it’s broken.

Three months later, I decided to re-open my MacBook. I plugged the charger – it lit up. I clicked the on switch, IT TURNED ON. Power Mac Service Center said my laptop is beyond economical repair and yet it turned on, all functions working like nothing happened to it!

I can never trust Power Mac Service Center again because it feels like they will only milk you for check-ups (that should be covered by insurance) and repairs. They lied when they said that my laptop is beyond repair, when it’s fine. I’m sure they’ll argue that it’ll break down in time because of the supposed water damage, but why didn’t they even try to fix it? What if we threw the laptop away because they said it’s better to just buy a new one?

If any of your Apple gadgets ever need to be repaired, think twice about going to a Power Mac Service Center. I have yet to find a better repair service for my Apple gadgets here in the Philippines (my sister had her iPhone fixed in a service center in the UK with no problems at all), but for now, I’m never bringing my gadgets back to a Power Mac Service Center here!

Recommendation: I have yet to try their repair service, but I have heard good things about Beyond the Box in Greenhills V Mall. If you ever need any of your Apple products repaired, try them instead!

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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  1. Marjory Del Rosario

    That happened to two of my macbooks. macbook pro 13″ turned on after a week, I eventually have it repaired since there was a screen issue that was under the recall program but still they charged me 13k for battery replacement.

    macbook pro 15″ – last august it didn’t turn on went to power mac serv center again. they tried to charge me 45k for the logic board replacement and said that battery is under the recall program. I didn’t repair it, last November it turned on again without repairing.

    now my iPhone 11Pro Max is not turning on since Dec 1, I’m getting frustrated. with apple products. just placed it in his box hoping it will work again after 1-3 months.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Oh no! So sorry about your experience. I haven’t been back to Power Mac Service Centers since my experience.

  2. Jebb Domingo

    There are lots of competent Apple repair shops in the city, I have my MBP Pro’s battery replaced in Greenhills for just 4.5k instead of 30k.

  3. Cha

    I had the same experience with my MacBook a couple years back. 30k -and it still had warranty. I had it checked at Senco Link and I didn’t pay a single cent.

    We took my sister’s Macbook there as well. We paid around 2k for display issues.

  4. Kian Josef

    I am also never coming back to Power Mac Center. Just recently, I went to one of their branches here in Cebu to have my iPhone X checked because of some touch screen issue. My unit (bought in the same store) is still under warranty so I went there to have it checked. Upon VMI, my unit passed then the personnel told me that they would have to conduct further diagnosis on its internals to check for other possible damage. After an hour or two, they informed me that my unit has been void of warranty because of water damage and that I have to pay P2000 for the diagnostic fee. What!!? I can’t even remember when my phone was subjected to any form of liquid! That sounded so fishy to me so I argued but they won’t listen. They asked me to settle the diagnostic fee and gave back my unit. Really, is that all for P2000 and a phone which was still clearly under warranty? I have read their Terms & Conditions stating that “Repair of a product with an expired Apple Warranty (i.e., more than 12 months from purchase date) or void Apple warranty shall be charged a diagnostic fee.” But hey, they only checked it, they did not repair it. Accordingly, also stated in there is that “A product with a valid Apple warranty (Apple Limited 09 Warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan) shall be repaired free-of-charge. Client may be required to present a valid proof of purchase to avail of such free service.” As what I have understood, it meant “Repair” but checking the internals of a phone and telling the owner that it has liquid damage, they consider it as Repair already? Oh, c’mon! I am never coming back to you ever again!
    P.S. Prior to that, a couple of months back, I also went to the same branch to have my MacBook Air Checked for a screen issue and they just told me it’s beyond repair. I have to pay almost 40k to have the screen replaced. Good thing I did not pushed through. I just went to iStore SM Cebu and they repaired it for a fee of P1000 only. Issue found was only flexed cable.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      I had the same experience. They said my mac had water damage so they made me pay P4,500 for the check (no repairs done). Kainis!

  5. Charity

    Blog posts like these actually do a lot to save people money. In my case, i saved around 30k .

    My macbook’s display got broken but it was still under warranty so i had it checked at powermac and paid the diagnostic fee of 2500. They said that it would only take 2-3 days. It was already more than a week so i called them. They replied that they were meant to call me that day (fishy) and said that since it was a display issue, it wasnt under warranty. When i went to the store itself, they gave me a reasoning that was contrast to the one at the phone call. My diagnostic result did not even prove that it is void of warranty.

    It was a pretty large sum so i checked my options and had it withdrawn . I had it diagnosed at Senco link (for free i might add) and after 2 days, they told me that it was under warranty and i did not have to pay a single cent.

    Powermac will really lie and cheat to get into your wallet.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Thanks for sharing this with us! It’s disappointing that they’d lie to get more money from customers. I was told that it’s better to bring Apple products to Beyond the Box for repairs. Never tried Senco Link before.

  6. Rem Reyes

    Hi Kim. I have a 13″ Mac Book Pro that Gus bought for me from the States in 2009. I had no problems with it until 2015 when I got the dreaded color wheel of death. I brought it to Beyond the Box in V Mall, Greenhills. After checking it, they said I needed a new hard drive. So I bought a 500 GB Seagate HDD for Php 2,150 and had them install it. Beyond the Box only charged me Php 1,000 for the diagnostic and labor and Php 1,500 for OSX installation. No problems since then. Well, except my iTunes but I think that is because of the updates but I will go back there so they can check it out.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      I’ll remember this, Tita! Never going back to Power Mac for servicing. I heard Beyond the Box is MUCH better.

  7. Rhoda

    Hi, I’ve been loyal to Ynzal for almost 10 years now. Bought my first Macbook from them (only on my second one). Also had it checked there when it got older. I’ve never felt being ripped off there. If it’s too far, maybe Beyond the Box?

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Hi Rhoda! Where is Ynzal? I’ve never heard of that shop before. I have yet to try Beyond the Box – hope they’re okay too?

  8. Sis, my very very old Ipad 2 came to and from Power Mac for repair. They informed me that the batteries were going to die and they suggested that I should replace it (8k) so it would be and good working condition. I told them I would probably let it age gracefully and let it die a natural death. That was 2 years ago. My Ipad 2 still works, with a few kinks (maybe coz of the ios updates).

    I don’t think Power MAC people are capable of actually repairing the MAC here in the Philippines, they will send it to Singapore and you have to wait. It is good you waited. Sayang naman si MAC Air.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Oh my gosh!!! I’ve been hearing so many stories like yours and mine about Power MAC. Ang sad noh? They’d milk you for the “check up” only to tell you later on that your device can’t be repaired OR you’ll have to cash out even more to get it to work.

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