After almost seven months of bed rest when I was pregnant with Caleb and four months of running after a toddler and taking care of an infant all at the same time, we finally went on a family trip. This was scheduled way back in December after we purchased our membership at Club Astoria. As a welcome gift to our family, they gave us a holiday treat in Bohol. Imagine how long we waited for this!


We took the first flight to Bohol via Cebu Pacific. Since we have two infants (Kelly is still considered an infant since she’s below 2 years old), the staff of Cebu Pacific assisted us so we wouldn’t have to line up with the other passengers. Checking in was super hassle-free. However, what was disappointing was NAIA Terminal 3. It was extremely hot. Kawawa ang kids dahil parang naka-off ang aircon!

Playing inside the plane

We departed Manila on time so we were in Bohol on the expected time of arrival. From Tagbilaran Airport, our hotel van picked us up and brought us to Bohol Tropics. I’ve stayed in Bohol Tropics a couple of times already so I knew they won’t disappoint. Although we were there hours before the check in time, they allowed us to check in early so the kids can rest.

A little before lunch time, I contacted the tour operator we met at the airport and asked him to pick us up for our countryside tour.

Since it was almost time for lunch, our tour guide decided to take us to Loboc River first for the river cruise and lunch buffet.

The Buffet Table

Tired little ones

Performing with the locals

The river cruise took about an hour and a half — enough for the guests to enjoy the buffet lunch and the view.

After the cruise, we met with our tour guide again then went on to the different tourist spots in Bohol like…







We also went to the Man-made Forest and the Blood Compact monument. Unfortunately, we just stayed inside the car because the kids fell asleep and we didn’t want to wake them up.

After the countryside tour, we went back to the hotel and had dinner there. I ordered my favorite Lemon-Butter Fish Fillet while Daddy A got himself a plate of Tenderloin Steak. Again, we don’t have pictures (very sorry) because we had the kids on our laps plus we were too hungry to take photos.

The next day, we booked a trip to Panglao with the same tour operator. We wanted to stay in Bohol Beach Club, but we were told that it’s under renovation so he brought us to Panglao Island Resort instead. However, before heading to the resort, we took a quick side trip to Hinagdanan Cave.

Kamusta naman ang bumaba ng cave ng naka-maxi dress. Lol! By the way, mothers, if you’re going on a trip like this, I suggest that you buy a Baby K’Tan too (or whatever sling you prefer)! The whole trip was made much, much, much easier because of the sling.

And because our Princess kept asking us to go to the beach, we quickly finished our tour of Hinagdanan Cave and went to Panglao Island Resort.


Since I didn’t let him swim, Caleb and I just stayed on a beach side and slept. 😀 Look at him sleeping so soundly!

While Caleb and I slept (and ate then slept again hehe), Daddy A and Kelly made figures from the sand.

Spot the croc!


After a whole day of playing with sand and swimming, we went back to the hotel to have a nice, long rest. I was planning to go on a night swim in the pool, but I was exhausted after our day at the beach so I just hit the sack.

The next morning, we packed our things and headed to the airport. We didn’t take the first flight this time so we got delayed by an hour!

By the time we got on the plane, Kelly was already very cranky. Buti na lang si Caleb very quiet the whole time.

Parang ang bilis lang, ano? I actually don’t want to leave yet, but Daddy A has to go back to work so no choice. Hehe.

How about you? Where did you go / where do you plan to go this summer?

Breakdown of Expenses
Bohol Tropics Terrace Room: FREE, c/o Club Astoria
Countryside Tour (entrance fees excluded): P2,500/car
Loboc River Cruise: P450/person
Panglao Island Resort Day Tour: P450/person


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  1. Jayce

    Any contact info for the tour guide you used?

  2. lornadahl

    I love Bohol and its people! Kaya it truly broke my heart to hear about the earthquake.

    My friends and I stayed in Bohol Bee Farm and I enjoyed every moment of it! Sayang, it seems you didn’t drop by. Your princess would’ve probably loved the squash muffin, among others. I’d like to come back again and enjoy their organic food.

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