Family Day at Expo Mom 2013

“Why didn’t we go to events like this when we had Kelly?” Daddy A asked as we were leaving Rockwell Tent. Maybe if we knew how awesome Expo Mom is, we would have gone every single time!

Anyway. I think it was just a week ago when I was informed about the date and venue of Expo Mom 2013 (again, thank you, Happy Mommy Adventures). I wanted to go last year, but missed it. SO, I was super excited about this year’s Expo Mom 2013: Trust Your #Momtuition.

We arrived at Powerplant Mall a little after lunch. My family went with us so before going to Expo Mom, we had lunch with them first.

The Little Man and Daddy A at Myron’s

After lunch and a cup of ice cream (yummy!), Daddy A, the kids and I headed over to Rockwell Tent. We were greeted by Jeanne and were given loot bags. Dear Jeanne, I’m sorry if we looked like we had no idea what was going on and what we need to do — because we really had no idea. It was our first time attending as a media partner, that’s why we looked so lost. 😀 But thank you for welcoming us! It was so nice to see a familiar face. Heehee.

Expo Mom 2013 Loot Bags
Goodies from Expo Mom!

Our very first stop upon entering the tent was Cupcakes by Sonja. It’s been a while since we last had their very delicious cupcakes; we just had to go there and satisfy our cravings.


With our cravings satisfied, we started going around the tent to check out the different stalls. BUT, what we were really looking for is a good sling for the Little Man. There were lots of options in the expo. However, the one wherein Caleb and I are most comfortable in is Baby K’Tan.

Trying out the Baby K’Tan from My Baby Dragon

From the original price (P2,680), we bought the Baby K’Tan (Brown, Cotton ) for P2,400. I immediately tried the carrier while going around the expo because I wanted to see how the Little Man will react to this new item. He seemed very comfortable inside. He also loves how close he was to Mommy the whole time so he stopped crying (he kept crying before we bought the carrier because he didn’t like the stroller) and eventually slept on his own. It is a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it. The little one is kept close to Mommy with Mommy’s two hands still free to do other things. 😉 I’ll post a review soon!

After buying the carrier, we went out of the tent to give the Little Man some quiet time. Kelly was starting to throw tantrums too so we thought it would be best to let them take a nap at the mall first. We headed over to Powerplant to look for the family, but they wanted to check the expo out too so we went back after letting the kids rest.

Grandpa went on a shopping spree for the little ones while my mom and sister joined the Bring Me game.

Grandpa’s gifts for Caleb from TinyTots

We also bought a second round of cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja c/o my Dad (hehe) then we took a last photo at the booth before heading home.

Look at our Princess, crying yet again! Hello, terrible twos! She kept throwing tantrums the whole day. We apologize if she was loud, but we really don’t tolerate tantrums so we just let her cry it out.

It was extremely tiring with two minis with us, but we definitely enjoyed the expo. In fact, Daddy A is already asking about the next event. Lol. Thank you for this fun event Expo Mom!

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