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Youl's Friends Chicken Fillet

Love At First Taste at Youl’s Friends Korean Food Haus

The first time I tried Korean food was when I ate out with officemates in a Korean restaurant in London. I remember being welcomed by a strong, unfamiliar smell that my officemates said is that of Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish made of seasoned vegetables. Since I had no idea what was…


Work, Good Coffee, and Our New Normal

Arjay and I are crazy coffee lovers. We're always on the lookout for the best cup of joe...and we don't mind driving for hours to faraway locations just to sip a delicious cup of coffee. Thankfully, a new coffee shop opened just a few steps from our office--and it captured the fancy…


Filipino Dining With A Twist At Sentro 1771

Because he totally forgot that our little girl already goes to school, Daddy A took a 3-day leave from work hoping we can get away by Wednesday for my birthday getaway. But, since The Princess is already going to school and my birthday week happens to be her Student-Teacher Encounter…


Life Is Sweeter with Panaderia Pantoja’s Yema Cake

Arjay and I are coffee lovers. As in we never ever miss a day without coffee! And we love having our cup of coffee with something sweet: say a plate of crepe, a super caramel-y waffle, or a slice of cake. Being the most available cake variant, we usually partner coffee…