Blogging-related events of Kim.

S&R Members’ Treat is back!!!

You read that right, folks. S&R Membership Shopping is treating its members to a super sale from September 30 to October 2! As if S&R Membership Shopping hasn't given us so many club deals already, they're treating members to even bigger savings with the S&R Members' Treat! You CANNOT miss this…


Save big on clothes at S&R

After two weeks of getting kicked out of our condo unit because of the renovation we had done, we are finally back home! Some stability and comfort - at last! The last two weeks have been super ka-duper hectic. Aside from us having to stay at my mom's, the Princess also…


Do the boys in your family #ShareTheLoad?

Here in our household, we strongly believe in and implement shared responsibility. My husband and I are both very active in parenting our children AND managing our household despite his line of work. Yes, everyone--including the boys--help out in the house. We often get negative reactions about this set up, like some…

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