Blogging-related events of Kim.

Love At First Taste: Is Flavor the Recipe for Love?

New research behind ‘Love At First Taste’ unveils that as many as 1 in 3 people claim that if their partner didn’t share the same flavor palette, they would be worried about their future. Is this for real?! How essential is food and flavor in people’s everyday lives? With the evolving Filipino…


Experience more fun and learning at Kidzania Manila

Newbies and loyal visitors of Kidzania Manila, a kiddie metropolis where children can take part in an interactive work and play environment, opened up new establishments with the help of industry partners. Now, kids can get to experience more careers through a line-up of engaging and fun-filled role-playing activities! What…


#LoveSNR February Deals

The love month isn't over here at the Mom On Duty home and that's all thanks to our S&R shopping loot. Although Daddy A and I may seem relaxed, we actually have crazy busy schedules. Despite our hectic days, though, we still make it a point to spend some time with each…