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How To Get Your Profile Discovered On Upwork

I have been receiving a lot of questions about how I am getting regularly invited to Upwork projects so I thought of sharing with you simple things I did to increase my profile visibility. So... here's how to get your profile discovered on Upwork! These are often things that are…


GCash BIR Form Series For Paying Taxes

When you pay your taxes via Gcash, you need to pick the right form series and form type to ensure that your payment is recorded properly. Below, I listed down the BIR form series as required by the GCash app. Important links: Step-by-step guide on how to pay your taxes…


A Quick Guide to Creating a Home Office

From setting your own schedule to cutting down on your commute time, working from home has many advantages. To maximize your productivity, it's important to strike a work-life balance that lets you get the job done despite distractions around your house. Here are some quick ideas about how to separate…


Handling Stress With Grace for Work At Home Moms

Freelancing is amazing because you get to choose the projects you will work on and have more control of your time. But, although I love every bit of my journey as a freelancer, to be totally honest, it's not all rainbows and butterflies.Even the most seasoned freelancers will agree that…


Income Report: First Quarter of 2019

I’ve been holding back from this for years because money is a tricky topic to navigate. But, I thought I’d share my journey here as I scale my Virtual Assistant Business this year. What better way to see if what I’m doing works is by documenting the steps I took and the results I got. (more…)