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A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from the awesome people of Chemical Company of Malaysia International Philippines Inc. (CCMIP) to a bloggers get-to-know Champs lunch. Unfortunately, our Little Man was scheduled for a vaccine that day so I had to decline.

CCM established its office in the Philippines in 2007. It is a public-listed government corporation and is the number 1 generic pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. The company has more than 400 products in over 800 SKUs or forms. CCM has received several citations as attestation of the quality of its products such as cGMP, certificate of manufacturing facility by TGA of Australia and HALAL certification from JAKIM since 1999.

I really wanted to go to the event since I’m thinking of trying chewable vitamins on The Princess. So when I received a box of samples from Champs last week, I was overjoyed! Nakakatuwa kasi sobrang daming samples ang pinadala nila. In fact, hindi ako makapagdesisyon kung ano ang uunahin kong subukan sa baby girl naming punong-puno ng energy pero tamad kumain!

Here’s a rundown of Champs chewable vitamins variants:

CHAMPS Vitamin C  contains 100mg of Vitamin C (50mg in Calcium Ascorbate and 50mg in Sodium Ascorbate), which can protect little ones from common illnesses. It comes in bottles with 100 chew tabs that have natural-tasting orange flavor. I’m pretty sure The Princess will love these because the tabs come in very cute heart-shaped form.

CHAMPS M has Vitamin C plus nine essential dietary nutrients – so it basically promotes general health. It also comes in bottles with 100 chew tabs. You can get this one in pineapple flavor.

CHAMPS M with Lysine contains 50mg Lysine, Folic Acid and nine essential multivitamins. It comes in orange-flavored donut shapes. Like the ones above, you can buy it in bottles with 100 chew tabs. I want to try this on The Princess because it can help boost her appetite. It’s been a bit difficult to get her to eat lately eh!

CHAMPS C plus Lysine has Vitamin C and Lysine. It comes in bottles of 100 donut-shaped tutti-fruitti flavored chew tabs. This is really good for the little ones when they are sick since it enhances appetite and promotes fast recovery.

CHAMPS Omega 3 also comes in bottles with 100 heart-shaped tutti-fruitti flavored chew tabs. It contains nine essential dietary nutrients such as Vitamin C, B-complexes and Omega-3. This will aid in boosting the little ones’ brain development and performance.

All of them sound awesome, right? But since I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of Omega-3, I decided to let The Princess try that first. She loves the fruity flavor and kept asking me for more!

Mom’s Verdict: CHAMPS chewables are nutritious, delicious and oh so cute! It’s not hard to get the kids to take the tabs daily because they think it’s candy — so no habulan needed! 😉 In the one week that she has been taking Omega 3, I noticed that she now has an increased appetite. I’m hoping that these vitamins will also protect her from illnesses, especially now that the rainy season has arrived.

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  1. Jennifer M

    Hi Kim,
    I keep reading wonderful things about these vitamins but cannot find where to purchase them! I am interested in the Champs C with lysine. Can you help me?

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