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Fridates at Coffee Project Antipolo

Since being reassigned to a station near our home, my husband and I have been catching up on our lost time in the last two years he was assigned in a different province. Now that he’s nearer, he is able to bring the minis to school with me and still have enough time to have a quick breakfast date with me before heading to work.

Coffee Project Antipolo |

One of our latest discoveries is The Coffee Project in Vista Mall Antipolo. I have been meaning to visit this coffee shop for a long time already, but I was not sure if they have wi-fi access and sockets for digital nomads like myself. When a friend confirmed that the coffee shop does have these available, I asked my husband to come check it out with me before he heads to the office.

The Coffee Project starts brewing at 7 in the morning. For early workers like myself, this is amazing. Most of the cafes in Antipolo open at around 8 or 9 so it was a pleasant surprise to find one that opens as early as 7.

What surprised us even more is the beautifully decorated space. We were expecting a small and simple cafe with the usual vibe we get in popular chains. This one, though, is different. Every spot is Instagram-worthy so if you love taking photos, you will love this coffee shop! (If you want to take photos without the crowd, I suggest that you go here early in the morning. We tried dropping by at night but the place was already bustling with coffee drinkers)

We also love the breakfast meals and coffee. My husband got the Continental Breakfast (PHP 250) paired with the highly recommended Vietnamese Latte (PHP 155). The Continental Breakfast is super satisfying as it is served with a generous heap of bacon, sausage, two slices of toasted bread, and two slices of waffles. It will definitely power you up! My husband felt full even if it was already lunch time.

Coffee Project Antipolo - Continental Breakfast |

Coffee Project Antipolo - Bangus Breakfast |

My OB does not recommend drinking coffee while pregnant, but my very loving husband urged me to take a sip of the Vietnamese Latte. He said I cannot not taste. We now know why this is a best seller! It is really, really good! BUT, you don’t have to miss out on the tasty drinks at Coffee Project. If you really can’t have caffeine, try their Caramel Vanilla Frappe (PHP 145). I have to say, this is way better than the bigger coffee chains I have tried before.

As for my order ~ Since I have been crazy for seafood throughout my pregnancy, I went for their Boneless Bangus with Sunnyside Up Egg and Garlic Rice (PHP 195). This Pinoy breakfast is perfect for those who like having heavy breakfast. The serving is very generous. If I were allowed to drink coffee, I would pair this with a cup of brewed coffee!

Digital nomads like myself are probably wondering what the work experience is like at The Coffee Project.

Since we arrived there very early, the place is not crowded at all (there were about three other people in there). The ambience is very relaxing and is perfect for those who want to work in peace. The free internet connection provided for customers is also fast enough for emails and uploading/downloading documents (including photos and videos). Should you run out of battery, there are sockets available around the cafe — just make sure you find a seat with a socket nearby for easy access.

FOOD: Delicious!
PRICE: Php 150-300 per person
AMBIANCE: Cozy and Instagram-worthy, Good for individuals and groups
WIFI: Yes!
SOCKETS: Available

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