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7 E-Learning Resources For Kids

A lot of things have changed since COVID-19 entered the Philippines. In the first few days, it felt like the world stopped. My kids’ schools ended their classes abruptly. My husband suddenly couldn’t come home. And we weren’t allowed to leave the house.

But, we all knew we had to keep moving forward.

Our family coped by making use of technology to have a sense of normalcy. We turned to the internet for learning new hobbies: cooking, gardening, arts. We kept ourselves connected with each other through video calls. And the kids’ learning continued through online classes. We’ve been quite productive!

Now, I know that parents are now expected to be even more proactive in their children’s learning. But, I also know that this can be a challenge. It’s okay to ask for help! So for subjects that we find challenging to teach ourselves, we’ve turned to e-learning for kids.

Here are Resources For e-learning for kids that we discovered:

Wika’y Galing – If your child is struggling in Filipino, this online class is something that can really help. Wika’y Galing makes learning the language fun and interesting through books, videos, and interactive sessions with teachers and classmates. Classes with teachers are held via Google Meet twice a week and students get access to the WG portal where they can read books inside the online library and answer worksheets.

Kelly tried the program for a month and I already saw improvement in her written and oral Filipino. She also developed a deeper interest in the Filipino language and culture, which is great because we weren’t able to instill that interest early on. (Our bad!)

At first, Kelly was hesitant to join the program. However, after her first online class with them, I was surprised to see her eagerly prepare her learning materials every day. Sometimes, I would even forget she had classes scheduled and she would remind me about them so she can borrow my laptop. Truly, this program is highly recommended.

GILAS (Group Interactive Learning Advancement Sessions) – GILAS, which is also under The Learning Library, is an online tutorial program for Grades 3 to 8. They offer classes in Math, Science, Language, and Araling Panlipunan. We haven’t personally tried this, but after our experience with Wika’y Galing, this looks like something we’ll be using as well.

Outschool – E-learning for kids doesn’t have to be just about the subjects they’re learning in school. With Outschool, kids get to join unique and fun online classes by teachers from all over the world. They have super cool classes like Mythology, Baking, Marine Biology, Yoga, and so much more!

What’s super fun is that they get to interact with students from all over the world. Who says e-learning will kill kids’ social life, right?!

ABCmouse – This website has over 9,000 activities to keep your little one engaged and learning from home. The activities are made for kids between 2 to 8 years old, which is great since most of the e-learning programs I’ve seen so far are for older kids. So for preschoolers and lower elementary levels, this is a great resource for e-learning.

TEDEd – I’m sure you know TEDTalks. TEDEd is the same, except it’s geared towards students through their engaging learning library from teachers all over the world. The platform now has over 250,000 global network of teachers creating content for students.

Exploratorium – Do you have a little scientist in your home? Exploratorium is an excellent e-learning resource for science lovers with their vast digital library and DIY projects.

Duolingo – I would say that one of the best things I did when I was in school was to learn languages. I learned Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, all of which helped me when I went to Europe in 2010. Knowing these languages also helped me connect with more people! So, if you want your kids to learn a language (or two… or three…), Duolingo is a great place to start.

They say that we’ll be entering a new world when we get out of this pandemic. I think that’s true. While we wait for the Earth to heal itself, let’s continue to keep our children’s minds learning – even if it’s from home.

What are your favorite resources for e-learning for kids? Share it in the comments section below!

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Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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  1. Herbert Alincastre

    My 10 year old son Enzo Iñigo is a grade 5 student and he is on a special science class. He finishes this school year with high honor excellence award. He excels in all of his subjects except in Filipino. Hirap po siya tumatas ng tagalog words at magconstruct ng sentence.
    And i think your prize is the answer to his problem. Thank you and God bless your family!

  2. Aedhyl Mar Sanchez

    Sana isa ang anak ko jhayen callo 9yrs old sa mapili nio para po mas madagdagan ang matutunan niya..malaking tulong po yan sa anak ko para din po maipasa ng anak ko sa kapatid nia ang lahat ng natutunan sa mga pinsan kalaro nia po thanks in advance po

  3. Ma.eleonor placencia

    Sana po isa ako sa mapili nyu para marami pa matutunan ang anak ko lalo na ngayung pandemic ..
    jacob pareja 5 years old
    Jake ethan Pareja 3 years old
    From Camotes island

  4. Aedhyl Mar Sanchez

    Jayen callo po 9years old po anak ko po sana po isa ako sa mapili para po sa knya para dagdag kaalaman po at malaking tulong po yan para maipasa din niya po sa nalakabata niyang kapatid pinsan at mga kalaro po niyA thanks in advance po


    Isang batang masipag mag-aral ang aking anak na bunso kaya alam kong magugustuhan nya lahat ng mga pag-aaralan at higit na marami sya matutunan para lalo magdagdagan ang kanyang karunungan at alam kong isa itong advantage sa ganitong sitwasyon mas kailangan nya ito.

  6. Victoria pili barrera

    My daughter Arabell is 14 yrs old. At her age limited Lang na Tagalog Ang Alam niyang meaning gusto Niya Rin Sana matuto Ng malalalim na Tagalog words, sya Rin naman she always ask me if ano ibig sabihin Ng ganito o ganyan, she want to explore more to our native tongue even at her age Lalo na stay at home palagi, she really wish she can continue to learn and learn more Tagalog words.

  7. Arthemis Di

    My nephew really need this.He is 1O years old.
    He cant talk but noted ko na matalino sya.Hindi sya nag aaral dahil sa wala ang kanyang mama.Sana mapili sya.

  8. Janelle Ferrer

    Will check wikay galing! Yung twins ko they don’t want to speak tagalog. Di nila kami pinapansin pag tinatagalog namin sila

  9. Kimberly climaco

    Zyrish andrea, 9 yrs old
    Sana po isa ang anak ko sa mapili nyo
    Malaking tulong po yan sa kanya.. At sa pag tuturo nya sa isa nyang kapatid na PWD.. Godbless

  10. Joann Go

    My daughter, Emilia, 9 years old has a hard time with her Filipino subject. Even speaking Filipino is a problem for her. Maybe because we always talk to her in English and we did not expose her that much in the Filipino langusge as well. Thanks for compiling these online Filipino tutorials.

  11. Rachel Anne Del Rosario

    Hello Mommy Kim, I will join to your giveaway po para sa 11 year old son (RJ) ko I think malaki po ang maitutulong ng program na ito sa akong anak lalo na sa province po kami nakatira at may ibang dialect na ginagamit. Pero bilingual din po sila ng kapatid niya pero kahit sa province po mostly English pa din po ang ginagamit nila at ang Mother Tongue po dito sa location namin kaya nakakalungkot man isipin nahuhuli ang Tagalog kasi Daddy nila ang taga probinsya pero ako po ang taga Manila pero hindi ko silang nasanay magsalita sa wika natin instead nasanay sa wikang banyaga.

  12. Lou Capulong

    sana mapili ang anak ko, na bagamat hindi naman ingles ang pangunahin naming wika sa bahay ay medyo nahihirapan sya sa Filipino. Si Bernard ang aking panganay at siya ay 11 taong gulang. Salamat po momondutyblog sa mga pa-giveaway nyo na ganito. God bless.

  13. Rhea Alvarez

    My kids need this as they are having hard time comprehending and writing Tagalog sentences especially those with in depth terms.

    This will surely be beneficial for my children Gian (12 years old) and Jared (16 years old).

  14. Charito Gumabaytrinidad Danao

    Charisse/11 incoming grade 7 po…
    At sana isa kami ng anak ko sa mapili po… From Cagayan Valley /Province po… Slamat

  15. Jessica Pastrana

    Hi momsh anak ko po si LORAINE JHOR 10yrs old sana po isa po siya sa mapile para po lalo pang mahasa ang knyang kaalaman at para po meron din siyang pagka abalahan ngayong may covid 19 pandemic para po kahit paano habang wala pong pasok sa school natututo padin po siya..salamat po

  16. Rosalie Yap

    I’m sure maraming matutunan Ang 12 y/o na kambal ko na sina Yurie at Yahaira na makakatulong sa kanila pagpasok nila sa school.


    My Son Owen Jandrei is 5 years old, in their school they speak english so when i tried to teach him tagalog words he read it in english term. He is nursery and this school year will start his kindergarten. I know it’s good that he knew international language but i want him to know our own language too.

  18. Donna Ria Mahayag

    Hi po, 2 anak ko 10 years old and turning 9 this July, sana isa ako sa palarin since lagi naka online games sana meron syang mapag sanayan na online na makabuluhan
    Looking forward to win this great deals.
    Janine Anne Dionisio is 10
    Julianna Audrey Dionisio turning 9
    God bless

  19. RK Yboa

    My daughter Lauren is 5. She can understand Tagalog but struggles speaking it. This will help her a lot!

  20. Shiela

    Denniel 8 1/2 kailangan yan ng anak ko dahil alam ko matutulungan siya nito na mapalawak pa ang kaalaman nya sa ating salita.

    1. Sheryl acharom

      Hi mommy. My eldest daughter is 6 years old. Sobrang helpful po nito for her if ever palarin kami dahil kailangan niya ring matutunan magbasa sa wikang tagalog. Guilty po ako sa part na kinakausap po namin siya ng TAG-LISH and may bisaya pa. Baka nga pati kaming magulang kailangan din namin aralin to..makakatulong na sa amin.. magalakaroon pa kami ng interactions as family while nasa bahay kami lahat.. may 6 weeks old boy din ako..for sure mapapamana rin ito sa kanya.. and sobrang di pa namin afford sa ngayon ito dahil Repeat CS ako at takagang nagalaw na rin ang kunting ipon 🙂

      Maraming salamat po.. more power 🙂

  21. Shirley Mae Tabora

    My 9 year old son, Johan will greatly benefit from this! Nasanay na English ang primary language namin at home kaya ngayon hirap na hirap sa Filipino. Nauubusan na ko ng ideas how to make it easy for him lalo na sa Araling Panlipunan subject! Thank you for this giveaway!

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Ohh, this is super helpful for him then! He’s the same age as my daughter.

      1. Jevelyn Gonzales

        for my Eldest son Nico,he will turning 10 yrs.old this coming Dec.1,i choose gilas so his tagalog will improved.nahihirapan pa po siyang umintindi at makapagsalita ng tagalog.At for my 3 yrs.old Princess i choose ABSmouse for her,since she knows alphabet and shapes,para naman po madagdagan matutunan niya lalo na po sa mga numbers..she can count but only 1-10.Thank you and god bless

  22. Jhayen S Callo

    Sana isa ang anak ko sa mapili nio para po mas madagdagan ang matutunan niya..malaking tulong po yan sa anak ko para din po maipasa ng anak ko sa kapatid nia ang lahat ng natutunan sa mga pinsan kalaro nia po thanks in advance po

    1. Dhel Manog

      My daughter 9yrs.old.Sana po isa sya sa mapili para po mas madagdagan pa ang kanyang mga kaalaman.Hindi naman po siya hirap magtagalog gusto ko lang pong igrab ito para mas maging malawak pa ang kanyang mga matutunan.Salamat po.

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