Easter Egg Hunt 2013

So we had a mini Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones in our street today. When I was younger, I remember joining hunts prepared by our uncles, aunts and neighbors in this very street. However, Easter Egg Huting stopped for a few years (because the kids, my batch, grew up already).

Now that there are kids again, the parents decided to bring back the yearly tradition. Painted eggs were hidden along the street by the teens early in the morning. Like 3 AM early — no wonder my younger sister was like a zombie the whole day!

Small budget = Small banner
Photo taken by my sister

The hunt started at around 7 in the morning. Most of the kids were still in their jammies, but very much awake and excited as they searched for eggs.

Easter Egg… Haunting?!
Photo taken by my sister

Is that a ghost?? No, no. That’s Kelly in her Halloween costume. She just loves running around wearing that! She kept clapping her hands every time they find an egg.

I think Kelly and Daddy A found a total of twelve eggs. Unfortunately, they didn’t get a single egg with a number (egg with a number = big prize). So the Princess only brought home a loot bag. That’s fine, though. The important thing is she enjoyed her very first Easter Egg Hunt!

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