My First Lazada Philippines Shopping Experience

Note: This blog post was published on February 2014. I have a more updated 2015 Lazada Philippines review here.


A little over a week before Christmas, A informed me that his family will drive all the way from Tuguegarao to spend Christmas with us. We were just settling into our new home then so all we had were a few small pots and pans, two serving spoons, four sets of cutlery, four plates and bowls and four drinking glasses. Obviously, everything we had then was only good for our family of four.

But since A comes from a big family, I knew I had to buy extra plates and cutlery for their stay. Since I have no helper, I decided that I will order my cutlery online together with a Shake N Take for making the kids’ smoothies.

I’ve been waiting for Cash Cash Pinoy to sell Shake N Takes again, but they weren’t selling any that time. So, I decided to check out Lazada Philippines. I saw that their cutlery were on sale, so was the Shake N Take. I immediately ordered a set of cutlery and one Shake N Take. That was on December 16, 2013.

The next day — December 17 — I received an email that my orders have been shipped and that I should expect the package at my doorstep within 3-5 days since our location is outside Metro Manila. I stayed home most of the week waiting for my package. By December 22, no package arrived. I shrugged it off thinking that maybe the courier has a load of packages to deliver due to the holiday season.

Christmas passed, my package didn’t arrive. The shoes I ordered from Zalora, however, arrived right on time — which is awesome. Anyway. New Year passed too, but I still didn’t get my package. Finally, on January 16, a month after I made my purchase, I emailed Lazada Philippines about my orders. My email exchange with a Lazada Philippines rep went like this:

Email with Lazada rep

A template reply. Fine. I just waited for three more days for feedback. After three days of silence from Lazada Philippines’ end, I sent a reminder about my concern. And their reply:

Email with Lazada rep

I wasn’t sure if the rep was saying that my order has been shipped or if it has been delivered to me, which during this time, hasn’t been.

I eventually called Lazada Philippines on January 23 to follow up on my items. The rep told me that there was a system glitch, hence December orders weren’t delivered right away. He also assured me that the pending items were already for delivery and that I should expect the items, or at least an update, within 2 days.

I waited, and waited, and waited. I still didn’t receive my items. I was getting frustrated because hello, I can’t leave the house until I get the package! On January 27, I called Lazada Philippines once again and was told that my items are already on their way. Yay!

Bring out the confetti!
Image courtesty of

Unfortunately, after another four days of waiting, I saw no sign of Lazada Philippines. Not a call, not even an email. So on January 31, I called again — very frustrated — and informed them about the number of times I’ve called and been told that my items are already on their way. The rep said that upon checking, the items have been delivered and ACCEPTED by me the day before. What the hell?! I told her that the items are not with me, but she insisted that I accepted the items already and that it is no longer their problem, but 2Go’s.

I wondered if one of my neighbors accepted the items on my behalf (because I paid for the orders already). But before turning into The Hulk and attacking my neighbors, I figured that I should call 2Go — the courier that supposedly delivered my package — for confirmation. Lo and behold, upon getting in touch with 2Go, I was told that my package was never sent by Lazada Philippines to them.

Extremely upset and disappointed at the kind of customer service I got, I called Lazada Philippines and informed them about what 2Go told me. Thank God that the rep who answered me isn’t a lazy one. She “investigated” my case and found out that the items are still with Lazada Philippines and that their in-house courier will deliver my items the next day. True enough, and finally, the items arrived on Saturday, February 1.

While I appreciate the help of the last Lazada Philippines customer rep I spoke with, I am very disappointed by all the others who handled my concern. Now I’m wondering if they really ever checked and followed up on my case because had they done something to resolve the issue right away, I bet my items would have arrived way, way, way earlier — not 42 DAYS LATE. Yes, I counted!

This isn’t very good customer service. It was my first time purchasing items from Lazada Philippines and I experienced that! Nakaka-trauma, nakaka-stress! I am not discouraging people from buying from Lazada Philippines because I’m sure that not everyone experienced the same kind of service that was rendered to me. But, I am calling out to Lazada Philippines for improved customer assistance.

UPDATE: I am very happy to inform everyone that Lazada Philippines contacted me about what happened. It is good to know that they listened to what I had to say and used it to improve customer experience. Two thumbs up, Lazada!

Read my more updated Lazada Philippines review here.

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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  1. Jason

    2015 ng magmember ako sa lazada, ok naman ang hindi maganda nung malaking halaga na order ko, lalo na pag imported products, iba ipadadala sa yo, yung mas murang value. Pwede naman ibalik kaso lang hassle na, kaya ka nag online para hassle free pero after sales lahat ng complaint mo ang sagot lang nila “we apologize for inconvinience”. Kahit bulky yung item mapipilitan kang dalhin sa lbc para ibalik. May mga mandaraya silang merchant partner kaya ingat kayo. Pag bibili kayo sa kanila dapat yung mga small value lang para hindi masakot sa kalooban. Ang dami ko pa namang nairefer sa kanila tapos bandang huli ako pa ang nadali.

  2. TeafankneeTres ❤

    Hi. If C.O.D ba..ganun parin yung babayaran pag na deliver na on your dorstep? Iloilo kami. Baka may hidden charges pa kasi. 2 of my items costs 1k each but i also have one 400+ worth item separately. Baka kasi magulat kami na malaki yung babayaran at my add-on payments.


    1. Kimberley Reyes

      When you check out your cart, they’ll show if there are extra payments needed. Pag wala naman nakasulat, then there are no extra charges.

  3. Maine

    Isa lang yung masasabi ko. Wag na wag na wag kayong magplace ng order nyu sa lazada bulok na bulok kasi serbesyo nila. Peperahan lang kau

  4. crissyey

    Pwede po bang wag ko na tanggapin yung inorder ko sa lazada?

  5. jenny almarza

    Gaano katagal po ung pg validate ng order? I paid mine in hellopay tpos in processing pdin ung order ko pro my confirmation na email n ko tska txt from lazada mismo di nmn ako mkareply ksi system po un. Ask ko lng gano katagal mg validate ng order? First time ko.po kasi mg order thanks

  6. Ann

    I also experience the same.. Sunday nag text ang lazada, the package will be delivered within 24 hours, and yet wednesday na wala padin!!! Anyare!!! Nakakainis lang kasi d ka makaalis ng bahay dahil d nila masabi ung exact day of delivery!!! Sana mag improve kayo lazada!!! Kahit exact day of delivery man lang masabi nyo, para d kami parang tanga na d makaalis ng bahay kakaintay dahil anytime pwede dumating!!! Nakakainis!!!

  7. Jazz

    relate ako. I orderred something. Sabi nila being dlvered na dw pro wla. I emailed many times.
    So, what I did, I cancelled my order. Luckily, pna COD ko.

    1. Archi

      What if your waiting for a long period of time waiting for your order,then suddenly lbc dumating,pwede ko ba xia wag iaccept?cod mode of billing.

      1. JJ

        Hi. How was it? Inaccept parin po ba ninyo ung delivery?
        I think I might also do the same.
        Nakakstress na kasi. I contacted their personnel then ang sabi for shipment na. The verification took 48 hours. Then after ko magcomplain. They messed me n my product is going to be delivered na within 24 hours. BUT 3 days na nag lumpas wala parin. Then I contacted them again. They answered na they WILL upadate me again about the product within 48 hours. Super nakakaasar.

        1. Kimberley Reyes

          I accepted the orders because I need them in the house. But maybe kung di naman kailangan, I wouldn’t have accepted.

      2. Andrew Casiquin

        It’s your choice, pwede mo pang iaccept yung item kung kailangan mo talaga if COD, but kung may nabili ka ng alternative at di mo na kailangan yung item wag mo na kunin. Just tell the courier na di mo na irerecieve yung item.

  8. Shan

    Let me share my experience. I’ve been saving up for a cheap phone for a while since kelangan ko lang asap ng bagong phone. So nakita ko sa Lazada yung Cherry Mobile Flare S4 na worth 3699. So go naman ako, nag-bright yung eyes ko and all. So ayun, wala pang one day nanotify agad ako na ready for shipping na yung item na inorder ko. Nasa dorm ako that week but sa home address ko pa din pinadeliver yung item. 3 days later, dumating yung package. Mom ko yung nagreceive since wala nga ako sa bahay. Di niya din binuksan kasi inintay niya nalang ako makauwi ng weekend para ako na mismo yung magbukas. Then the weekend came, i came home from a really stressful 5 hr commute from UP Los Banos to Rizal, tapos sonbrang stressful pa ng mga klase ko. The yun, binuksan ko yung package, and lo and behold. I got a freakin’ stone AS IN BATO. YUNG KINUKUHA NIYO SA CONSTRUCTION SITES OR SOMETHING TINIRA LANG DUN SA BOX ARE YUNG PAMPHLETS AND EARPHONES. I know this is probably not Lazada’s fault, probably dun sa merchant na pinanggalingan nung item. But sana nacheck nila or something yung package bago nila ipadala. Ngayon nagcomplain na kami, and tumawag na kami sa customer service nila. Pinareturn nila yung item and papers tapos ipa-process daw nila. Nakakatakot lang kasi baka sa huli, kami yung baliktarin ng Lazada diba? Baka sa huli sabihin nila kami yung naglagay ng bato dun sa package. Cmon, I didnt study in a prestigious school just so I can fool people for another phone or money. Pati yung nanay ko, nagpapakahirap siya magtrabaho tapos baka sa huli kami pa yung mapagbintangan na naghahabol ng pera and everything. I requested on the return form na palitan nalang ng TOTOONG item yung package ko IF EVER. BUT THIS IS THE LAST TIME IM ORDERING AT THIS FRIGGIN WEBSITE. NEVER AGAIN.

  9. Mj

    Original ba ang rwlo sa Lazada?? Like casio vintage??

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Sorry, I’m not sure. Never bought gadgets, accessories, etc. from them.

      1. rit hel

        After reading this, parang natatakot nako mag order sa lazada… hnd pako naka try sa lazada. Gusto ko sana bumili ng safety deposit box. Im from quezon, bukdinon.. a friend of mine experience buying item from lazada last week. Nakuha naman nya ang item sa nasabing date. Pano kaya? Any care to advice?????

  10. Blen Salvador

    The “fact” that Lazada doesn’t have a rating and customer review systems like Amazon tells you that they care for their seller but doesn’t give a damnrd about their customers or the buyers.

    1. Yunis

      They actually do. May rating yung mga sellers na stars. you can rate them yourself. Pwede din magbasa at maglagay ng feedback and ratings sa mismong product.

  11. Obi

    Lucky you. Others like me aren’t so lucky. But if I do get the time I’ll try submitting a complaint to DTI.

  12. Eu

    Well, this happened to my mom too. She ordered a mini projector COD and she thought it would arrive at least within 7 working days, yet its been more that 3 weeks. Sabi nya baka Di na dadating yun so she asked me to order again using my account. Guess what? Dumating yesterday yung projector nya and I already ordered the same item as her request, I cant cancel it since its been already being shipped. Can we choose not to accept it when if nadeliver na sa bahay?

    1. Thomas Pleis III

      I ordered some items from Lazada. Did it from the USA for my fiance in Davao. She didn’t want the items. According to their website you have 6 hours after placing and order to cancel. I being the IT nerd that I am SCREENSHOT everything when placing orders online. She didn’t want the dress, so I emailed them within the allotted time, and they said they couldn’t cancel the item has already been shipped. YET their own same website says it’s still in processing. Well I took screenshot of that and emailed them back calling them out on the BS. They replied with the SAME garbage response. I laughed and emailed them back once again and informed them that I am no fool to ordering online and if they didn’t honor their own set of rules I would simply file a dispute with my CC and they will be charged a fee for “charge back” on their merchant account for having the bank do it for them since they wont do it themselves, and again submitted screenshots to prove it. They again failed to follow their own rules.

      I called my CC and disputed the amount charged (partial as I ordered more than 2 dresses) and it was awarded in my favor.

      I told them, and the FUNNY thing is, THEY MAILED THE DRESS and emailed me they were mailing the dress 4 DAYS later after disputing the charge.

      This company is wack. BUT the dresses (or at least the ones I bought for her) are great quality and great prices. The customer service on the other hand is a joke.

      Zalora. Now this company has great customer service BUT poor shipping department. They dropped the ball on 2 corsets I ordered. A month went by, finally I emailed them, they immediately refunded me but said NOTHING the entire month about my 2 corsets I ordered that she wanted. They told me the outside vendor didn’t have the small size she ordered.

      After getting the refund literally the next day. I went on the website. Guess what… They posted the sizes we ordered back on their site. I don’t understand how we ordered that size, paid for it, size unavailable during the refund process as they said, but then after providing refund, the sizes are once again available on their site….?

      I am baffled honestly.

    2. BOY LOGRO

      request for cancellation through contact the seller

  13. Pia

    Nag order ako ng washing machine and within 2 days, dumating na sya, since wala ako nun sa bahay that time, mommy ko nakarecieve hindi tinanggap ng mommy ko kasi nga, maliit yung WM hindi sya yung nasa actual na photo. So I decided na huwag nalang kunin, question is, HOW CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER? NAGTRY NAKONG MAG SEACRCH PERO WALA TALAGA EH, CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME LAZADA’S CONTACT? YUNG NA RESEARCH KO KASING CONTACT, TINAWAGAN KO, BUT YUNG MGA QUESTION KO, NAG DADIRECT LANG SYA SA VOICE RECORD! DAMN! IM STARTING TO HATE THIS LAZADA! THANKYOU

  14. Aridingding

    Anybody here got some problems on refunds and returns? I ordered a watch and nadeliver nmn sya on time. Pero very disappointed ako nung mkita ko ang laman ng parcel ko. Nklagay kasi sa description ng item na genuine leather ang strap, nung makita ko ang pinadala sa akin silicon ang strap at ibang model ung pinadala. Balak ko sya iblik kasi nga ang pangit tlaga ng item at sobrang inis ako, kaso problema bakasyon lng ako dito sa Manila and sa province nmn walang landline mahirap makipag communicate. Baka kasi masayng lng ung binayad ko kung ibabalik ko. Please help. Pwede ba un puntahan na lang ung office nila?

    1. wen

      same thing happened to me. nagorder ako ng panlalaking relo but i got a different model. sobrang late nung courier pa kaya dapat ibabalik ko kaya lang naisip ko yung hassle. plus, mas mahal yung nadeliver sakin kaya ibinenta ko nalang. haha

  15. Pat

    Just now (Mar 21, 2016):

    The kiddie scooter I ordered just arrived. Number of days waiting for the item, just right. No delays. But here’s where it got it exciting: Lazada delivered an item different from what the website (I ordered) displayed. I’ve been checking out scooters for a while now, kaya I’ve become an “expert” (there are several types of scooters nowadays). So when I saw the same item on Lazada at a lesser amount, I bought it right away (Cash on delivery, buti na lang). What I received today was so different from what I ordered. I told the courier, sorry but I am not paying for this item. False advertising is what I say! If I find another item I like at Lazada, why not? But it’ll always be COD. Now that I’ve cancelled an order at Lazada, there may not be another next time. Not my loss.

    1. Luke Pasol

      So pwede pong icancel kapag nadeliver na ng courier?

  16. Tina B

    Sino pong customer rep umasikaso sayo? Para sya nalang din hanapin ko pag may prob ako sa lazada. Thanks

  17. Nelson

    Ito fresh pa!kanina dumating ang order kong phone (alcatel flash 2)ng buksan ko ang phone napakadaming linya sa screen (deadpixel)kaya pumunta ako sa lbc para ibalik sa kanina.first time ko pa naman kumuha sa kanila ganito pa ang nangyari. Hindi na sila makakaulit

  18. Emerson

    I made an order earphone but they delivered a defective one. First time ko kala ko convenient. Im thinking of filing a legal case against them pag d nila pinalitan and theres no way na pupunta ako ng lbc pra lang ibalik sa knila yung item. They should send someone to deliver the replacement.

  19. McHlr

    So i ordered a bluetooth earphone awei a920bl but inside the box its awei a960bl. . .. seriously? So dissappointed, I return it the other day and i didn’t recieve any email or response for 3 days. . . I’ll contact them if they dont respond within 7days. Btw its my first purchase through lazada. . .what a bad experience for starters

  20. RandomRalph

    Hay nako! I placed an order with them para pangregalo sa kasal. Been 13 days and still no sign of arrival before the wedding date – 2 days from now. Pag dumating ang product after the wedding eh pasensyahan. I won’t receive much less pay for it…

  21. Na doble ung order ko tpos nag email skin ung lazada na Your order is being shipped . ma ccancel ko pa po ba yun

      1. April Gere

        2 days delayed napo yung order ko na digital camera, and nung nag track ako sa order ko sabi dun NO TRACKING DETAILS kasi before ako nag track nag message pako sa kanila sa facebook na e cancel nalang yung order ko kasi ang tagal nga taz di naman nila pinansin message ko siguro tinitigan lang ng mga kupal ang message ko. Ngayon ang tanong ko lang po kung if ever ba dumating ang order ko (kahit naman malaman ko pang invalid yung tracking number) pwde bang e refuse ko kasi COD naman po yun. Dahil wala napo akong gana bumayad sa kanila.

        1. Kimberley Reyes

          Please get in touch with Lazada regarding your concern. Mas mabuti pong tawagan mo sila kaysa i-message online para mas klaro ang usapan ninyo. Good luck!

          1. Itachi

            Tawagan? Eh wala ngang maawagan sa kanila?

    1. Spack Jarrow

      Pag na ship na, hindi mo na pwede ma cancel. If your item has “satisfaction guarranted” you can return it within 14 days and ask for refund.

  22. Mark Osma

    I ordered in Lazada Phil. too and this is my first experience, so can I have questions? Anyway, I chose Cash On Delivery payment method, will I pay for the delivery fee + the product item?

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Based on my experience, yes, you have to pay for the delivery fee AND the product(s). It’s all noted in the confirmation email you received from them.

    2. Spack Jarrow

      Delivery fee os FREE for P995 up. You’ll pay to the delivery man as soon as he delivers your item.

  23. Giovanni Carlo

    Me I don’t worry if my item will not be delivered because I choose cash on delivery items.

  24. Geecel

    i ordered last dec 11 and it was placed lat dec13. sabi ready for shipping na daw.. standard shipping time nila is dec20-21 til now wala pa.. next year ko na to makukuha? 🙁

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Hi Geecel, you’ll have to talk to their customer rep about your order.

  25. Jomar

    Always opt for talking with a customer rep on the phone right away.

  26. sb132 sb132

    Speaking of grammar, you need to work on your tenses. I read at least a couple of “AREs” where “WERE” should have been used instead.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll review this post again.

  27. Joe B.

    Got sms from lazada yesterday telling me that my order will be delivered today (yesterday) and that i should prepare cash. So i waited the whole day. Alas, they didnt come. When i called their hotline the lady told me to wait 5 days. What’s up with that? °_°

  28. BALUGA152004

    Speaking of errors, it’s “lo and behold”, not “low” and behold.

  29. Celine

    It’s really frustrating when you buy thing online and it takes days or weeks to deliver. I also had the same experience, when I ordered some shirts from some independent clothing brand it took almost two weeks before I got and their website said 3-5 days delivery (outside Metro Manila). I think online stores and couriers should do a better job, they’re not really keen on customer welfare.

  30. Ma

    I just ordered at lazada and they deducted twice the total amount on my debit card account. What should i do?

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      The best thing to do is to gather your evidence and contact their customer service to return the money. Good luck!

  31. jhace

    I usually buy things even gadgets on LAZADA , and It arrived on time even I’am outside metro manila…thank God I never had this problem…..

  32. Cora Ocampo

    i purchased several items for my new house. some took really long time to deliver, but to my surprise, the dining set was delivered without a glass top! how are we going to use it????? we kept calling Lazada to follow up but all that they could give us is that they will call within 24-48 hours. yet again, to my dismay, they didn’t call and we have to follow up. my sister is using a prepaid phone and there was one time wherein the load i sent her (300PHP) was just consumed waiting for Lazada agents to answer the call. but again.. was never answered!
    i emailed them couple of times, but again.. didn’t receive a single reply!
    i will never order again! Poor customer service!

  33. Glad

    victim rin kmi ng lazada nagdouble delivery cla eh ang malas nmin wala kmi mag asawa binayaran ng taong nadatnan sa bahay so really bad return namin ung item august 16, but till now wala p refund nmin, nagfollow up ako sa knila tru email ang sabi hindi pa nila narereceive ung item but i check it online sa website ng lbc already receive na ung return item nmin so disappointed kasi after nun hndi sila nagrereply no updates, then august 27 may tumawag sakim csr nila and she told me na aayusin na but so really really bad gang ngaun wala p rin sila feedback…worth 3k ung nirerefund ko thats why ginagawa ko lahat para magreply sila kaya nagpopost ako sa db nila but sad to say again they block me..nakakatrauma talaga sa lazada..hope na marefund pa nmin ung 3k coz the only solution na naisip nmin is puntahan n lang ung main branch nila to compalin pesonally …i advise na much better to purchase from malls or palengke or somewhere wag lang online, thia might be happened to u.

    1. Deo

      Parang ayaw ko na tulog ibalik yung shampoo na dineliver na natapon ang 1/4. Worth 925pesos,baka kasi di na maibalik ang pera ko. Na disappoint lang talaga ako kasi first time ko mag online shop. Ang bobo naman kasi ng lazada hindi man lang nilagyan ng packing tape yung cap ng shampoo. Suggestions nyo please if i rereturn ko pa ba??

  34. LazadaNewbie

    Nag search ako about Lazada shipping from hong kong at nakita ko yung article na to dahil may comment na galing hong kong ung product na binili niya.

    *Medyo magulo ako magkwento at baka mahirapan kayo intindihin eto kaya pasensya na haha*

    First time ko bumili ng items from Lazada. Napili ko to dahil sila lang yung nakita ko na nagbebenta ng kelangan ko at mura pa unfortunately galing nga lang sa Hong Kong yung product. So last July 31, 2015, in order ko yung products at nag pay ako through helloPay since wala siyang Cash On Delivery option kasi galing siyang abroad pero which is good kasi student lang ako at wala akong credit card and bank account(tamad kumuha). So ayun, 3 days nakalipas, ang status ng order ko is still on verification process pa daw. May product din kasi na gusto yung mom ko, generic lang pero may cash on delivery option so inuna ko muna yun dahil on sale. Pero nagkaproblem din, kasi according sa current price nya(on sale) is php499 pero may total pa pala na umaabot sa php1359 kasama na shipping nga nag cost ng php800+. Isa pa is na check out ko na yung product dahil nga gusto na ng mom ko makuha before the sale ends. After that, chineck ko ulit yung order ko and viola, php1359 nga yung price so tumawag kaagad ako sa Lazada. Tinanong ko sila na bakit php1359 yung presyo ng babayaran ko eh 499 lang yung price at ayun chineck nila at nagkaroon daw ng system glitch sa price. Ang ginawa is cinancel nila yung order ko tpos nire-order ulit na php499 na yung total price. Pag hindi ko daw cinancel yun at nire-order, kung dumating yung item, php1359 yung babayaran ko. So kayo, check niyo muna prices, lahat ng nka indicate bago bumili tpos pag may conflict, tawag agad. So nasolve na yung problem ko sa second order ko at tinanong nila ako kung may iba pa akong concerns. So ayun nga, yung order ko from hongkong pinacheck ko yung status dahil 3days na siya on verification process, chineck nila at iinform nlang daw nila ako. After a few hours, nbago na ang status ng order ko, nkalimutan ko kung ano nkalagay pero hindi pa siya on shipping. Tapos na siya sa verification process. Which is good. The next day, dumating na yung second order ko na para sa mom ko. Ayos kasi next day delivered agad. Ang ikinagulat lang namin eh since nkalagay 3-5 days bago ko daw mareceive yung item, nakuha ko na agad within the next day na wala pang ready na pera kasi nga expected na 3-5days. Buti nalang may emergency cash ako.

    So chineck ko ulit yung status ng first order ko from hong kong pero wala ng current status na nkalagay sa tracking page ng lazada. As in walang nakasulat. Blank. So nag email ako sa kanila about dun and after a few hours nkatanggap ako ng email about sa status ng order ko. Shipping na yung items at yung nga, galing hong kong, naging 12-15 business days yung eta ng order ko. Pero hindi nila sinagot kung bakit walang status yung order ko.

    In the end, lalo lang napahaba ung hintay ko na sana since july 31 pa lang or the next day eh shipping na dapat yung items. Nadagdagan pa ng 4 days bago mag start yung shipping. Update ko tong comment na to kapag dumating na yung order ko at kung may maencounter pa akong future problems.

    1. IreneTheAwesome

      Um guys i keep recieving an email and an SMS message naasar na ako pa help naman po sa may experience medyo starter palang po ako

    2. LazadaNewbie

      UPDATE: I just received my package earlier. Pero bago dumating, wala pa din current status na nakalagay yung order ko sa tracking page. Nag-email ako kung ano na status ng order ko kaninang umaga dahil wala ngang status na nakalagay sa tracking page at nasabihan na din ako na 12-15 days ang delivery time since imported siya pero kahit ganun, gusto ko pa din malaman kasi nga walang status. Natulog ako after nun at pag gising ko ng hapon, may dumating daw na package from LBC(Since imported siya kaya LBC). Ayun chineck mo muna yung email ko at may reply na yung Lazada, ngayong araw na daw madedeliver yung order ko at mkakareceive daw ako ng notification from the courier. Pero wala akong nareceive na any notifications na ngayon na dadating yung order ko kung hindi ako nag email sa lazada at wala ding notification galing sa courier na nasa area ko na sila at hinahanap na nila ako. Nag email ako na natanggap ko na yung item pero wala akong nareceive na notification at tinanong ko na din kung bakit walang status yung order ko. Reply nila is sorry at iniimprove pa nila yung system at dahil imported yung item kaya walang current status. Sa packaging naman nakabalot siya ng clear plastic at packaging tape at may name and address ko at order no at payment method. Wala nga lang receipt, kaka email ko lng kung bakit walang resibo. Yung mismong item naman is wala sa original packaging niya, yung isang item naka zip locked bag na pang product tlga imbis na yung original box niya na may brand at product name at yung isa naman is naka box lng na plain. Depende siguro kung anong kumpanya yung nagbebenta ng items kaya ganun. Plus 1 week lang siya dumating after being shipped. I’m from Caloocan.

  35. Delia Fe

    Hello, first time kung mag-order sa Lazada pwede ko bang macancel yung inorder ko at palitan ko nang iba? Thanks sa response.

  36. First Time Online Shopper

    Lazada keeps on sending wrong items. LBC, their courier, can attest to that. They were laughing when we tried returning a wrong item sent to us since they get complaints always.

    When you return it for “replacement,” customer service isn’t as helpful. I should know…I’m a fresh victim. So frustrated. They say they are the partners with xiaomi and exclusive distributor of cherry mobile cubix cube. This made me order through them since it’s not sold at any establishments. What did I get? Another cellphone with downgraded specs which they are not even selling on their website.

    It is frustrating. Still no feedback from them. It’s costing me a lot calling them via long distance!

  37. hikaru

    we can improve our beloved Philippines by starting awareness of the importance of time in our own company.

  38. hikaru

    I should have a compensation about the inconvenience I have encountered! My first experience in online shopping is not what I expected it to be.being on time being on time in delivery
    tactful and professional with my phone queries.
    These missed expectation gave so much unsatisfactory feeling in my part as a consumer.Furthermore, I missed a lot of supposed online class due to the delay of my laptop.Hence, i have the right to ask for a discount if allowed.
    I would also want to use this experience to let your company know the trouble customers go into when the delivery is late and I want to give an awareness that time should always be in the essence of every professional work.I say this objectively referring to the promised 7-15 days delivery which fell short.The product is now promised to be received on the 7th of July which fails on the promise that was stated to be before …
    I wish that your partnership with the delivery will become more efficient and connect to us consumers personally.
    Thank you.

  39. sheila

    I was wondering. Since madami feedback about lazada, pwede ba na itesting muna yung product nila since cash on delivery naman then if my defect hindi ko kukunin and babayaran?? Para sure..

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Hi Sheila, you might want to ask their customer support about that.

      1. Julie Lopez

        Hi Miss Kim, First time ko mg place ng order sa Lazada, curious ako, Authentic kaya mga perfumes nila, since nkpurchase ka na, ok ba ang product ng Lazada?

        1. Kimberley Reyes

          I’ve never purchased perfumes from Lazada so I can’t answer your question.

    2. hikaru

      I ordered A netbook at Lazada and after waiting for so long The item didn’t arrive yet until this time. I tracked the item and it was forwarded at LBC last June 24th, I wonder what’s the item doin in there up to now? Are they playin? did they openned it? they told me it will arrive today but theres nothing, the customer service told me to call back but there was none. I wonder, maybe this is what they gonna do if the item is for exchange or for money back, Ayoko ng umasa.

  40. Ann

    I think it depends on the location, not sure. Im from laguna.. I think their warehouse is in lagina thats why whenever i order say for example today afternoon.. Tomorrow next day i always receive my order kahit gaano pa kadami. So far super fast nila sa experience ko.

  41. Aian Jae Garcia

    No Lazada is so good beacause they
    deliver my item early they said i will recieve it 3-5 p.m. .I was happy with my order i recieve it at2:00p.m .If you have question about your order call the delivery team

  42. jUN

    NEVER trust the discount they posted, check it on the retail store before you buy, i was a victim on buying Health and Natural Alaska Deep Sea Fish OIl, i paid for 622 pesos, then i saw it in Sm, the price is only 350 pesos – I WILL NEVER BUY IN LAZADA ANYMORE. Marami na rin akong nabili sa kanila but after nadiscover ko panloloko nila, ayoko na.

    1. doms

      That’s the seller’s problem I think. hindi ng lazada. In lazada kasi, they have merchants. And nasa merchant na yun if they will over price the product 😀 Kaya I think that that is not Lazada’s fault 😀 not all the products naman are over priced 🙂

      1. Greg

        I have return the merchandise as per instruction by Lazada but until now ( more than a month ) wala pa rin akong natanggap sa account ko.
        Like I said: Di ka nagiisa……
        There are so many bad experiences from others customer who can not get their refund. ( Tawag ka na lang Sir ulit for follow up )
        Even some of their seller are also angry with Lazada because of their irresponsible personnel.

    2. Greg

      Di ka nagiisa.

  43. Lazada Addict

    10 transactions. Never had a problem. All delivered by 2GO. I used COD of course..for security reasons. The service of the local courier may depend from the working personnel.
    11/10 Thumbs Up!

    1. First Cubix

      tatawag ba cla bago nila e deliver sau ang product?

      1. gellie

        yes tatawag sila itatanong nila kung nakarating na sayo yung item , minsan sa courier ngkakaproblem dapat parehas mo dun ifofollow up , like me from cabanatuan city nueva ecija medyo na late ng ilang araw lang naman ..

  44. Mari

    DO NOT BUY from Lazada Philippines. I agree with the people who commented in this blog.
    Refunding items is a mess, and this company does not value customer satisfaction in any way.


    1. doms

      Not all the items naman siguro. I think na kasalanan ng merchant ung sa mga refunds. yun nga lang, dapat iimprove ng lazada ung quality ng mga merchants nila. Pero I think that lazada is still a good shop 🙂

  45. Joy

    I received my order yesterday May 22, 2015. But I tried it on, it’s defective( not working at all). Now that I read the feedbacks, I am hesitant to return the item to Lazada Philippines. I might not get a new item or even a refund. I already asked customer service and still got no reply. To Lazada Philippines, you suck.

    1. doms

      Lazada has merchants sa website nila. Hindi nila talaga items yun. Kumbaga, consignment sila. ung mga vendors, makikipost sila ng mga tinda nila sa lazada then if may bumili sa items nila, may commission si lazada. So, when it comes to the items most especially the defects, kasalanan ng merchant yun. hindi ni lazada. although, dapat quality and trusted merchants lang talaga ung dapat nilang ipasok sa lazada.

      1. mona

        Lazada is also at fault because of the assurance and warranty it gives its clients that everything sold there are authentic. They should rid of their site merchants with complaints to avoid damage to their business name.

  46. lara

    ara on May 22, 2015 at 8:07 PM
    First timer to place an order in lazada, iba pala ng email address na nakalagay may iba rin kasi gumagamit ng lazada app ko dito sa phone, nag woworry kasi ako baka 2 ung ideliver nila, nagplace pa rin kasi ako ng order sa email account ko, paano ko ba macacancel ung unang order ko? Hindi ko naman sya na confirm sa email, pero nag text sakin. Pls help. Baka 2 ma ideliver eh

  47. lara

    First timer to place an order in lazada, iba pala ng email address na nakalagay may iba rin kasi gumagamit ng lazada app ko dito sa phone, nag woworry kasi ako baka 2 ung ideliver nila, nagplace pa rin kasi ako ng order sa email account ko, paano ko ba macacancel ung unang order ko? Hindi ko naman sya na confirm sa email, pero nag text sakin. Pls help. Baka 2 ma ideliver eh

  48. lizzy

    Nakakastress talaga lazada. I placed my order last may 15 tapos dumating sakin yung item on may 18, I fully understand naman na 1-3 working days ang delivery nila pag within metro manila pero quezon city lang naman location ko and to think na bulacan nagagawa nilang magdeliver in exactly a day after!

    What’s worst eh pagdeliver ng item ko napunta pa sya sa ibang tao kaya pagdating sakin eh naopen ns yung black na plastic ng LEX. Irerefuse ko na sana kaso nakita ko naman na intact pa yung item at nakaseal pa with bubble wrap kaya nireceive ko na rin saka nanghingi naman ng pasensya yung delivery boy nila sakin.

    I will never buy on lazad again. Swear!

  49. Jonnel Cunanan

    Up for this! Buti na lang nag search muna ako ng reviews about Lazada. Gusto ko pa naman sana bumili ng laptop sa Lazada. Up Up Up!

  50. Rissa

    Hi. I’m really anxious about how my first Lazada transaction would turn out(or rather, first online shopping transaction ever). Even after reading all these negative feedbacks I still ordered from them thinking, ‘maybe it would be different for me’.

    So. I placed my order around 5 o’clock yesterday using CC (Cash On Delivery is not available). It was a refurbished iphone 5 64gb. A few minutes later, I recieved an email confirmation of my order and that they are verifying it and telling me to wait for their next email about when it will get delivered. Till now there is still no email from them but I checked my CC account and found out that they already charged me.

    I’m getting more nervous about this. Is this normal for them to charge people automatically?

  51. gee



    I would like to know how they come to conclusions on discounted prices. I refer to the link below where they are selling a sony camera with a 40% discount in the price. From 8,990pesos to 5,399 peso. If you go to amazon then the same camera works out to be 4,752 peso making their camera even with discount expensive. So i like to know how they come to discount the camera from a whopping 8,990? Why are their prices much higher? And are they aware of the power of social media? Why are their prices not competitive. The camera is just one example of many items they are selling.

    amazon link

    1. doms

      Yung merchant na nagbenta sa lazada ung nagmamark up ng prices, hindi si lazada 😀 wala silang control sa prices ng products kasi there are hundreds of sellers sa lazada. so swertihan lang talaga. pero so far ako okay naman orders ko 🙂

  52. Kristian

    This is my first transaction with LAZADA and definitely the last. I will also advise to my friends and colleagues not to use your site in buying online.

    I just recently purchase a 2 A/C unit from Lazada using my credit card. It is worth 35k. Unfortunately, my first order was cancelled without notice. They refund my money but it was P2000 pesos short. Wow, and i tried again, for the second time after 3 days from the order another email was receive saying the same that my order was cancelled due to this 3 bullshit reasons which I believe that no mistake was made.
    We are sorry to inform you that we
    were unable to verify your order 30364****; therefore, it has
    been canceled in our system. Reasons might be due to one of these 3 reasons:

    Your order is canceled in response to your request

    Your provided information does not meet our
    verification terms

    We cannot reach you following your provided information

    I am sure that all information was provided so I sent them an email asking why my order is cancelled. NO ONE IS RETURNING BACK UNTIL NOW!!!!!

    I am badly really need those coolers for my children. I am living abroad and I told the LAZADA customer service that my sister would be the contact person during the delivery and they confirmed it. I am still waiting for the second refund now and wondering how much shorter they will return from the previous transaction. Anyways, I will look into this and raised the issue with the authority, the good thing is that I have all the email conversations and my bank statement account which is my proof for filling a case against this Fraud online shopping site LAZADA.

      1. Kristian


    1. Mari

      I will be going to DTI tomorrow for a “mediation conference” between me and Lazada over some item – lazypod – which I returned to Lazada because I was not satisfied with it (it was not as I expected, too heavy and hard to use) – however Lazada did not want to give me a refund. Just about the worst online shopping experience I’ve had so far. The item is only worth P230 pesos but I am refusing to let Lazada run away with this. I’m not going to give them a free pass just to violate my rights as a consumer.

      You can probably try to file a complaint with DTI as well.

  53. jhensweet

    try for gadgets. they offer low prices. you can also text them to confirm availability before proceeding to payment. i also do shopping in lazada but in cod 🙂

  54. Princess P.

    Nag order ako last night using my cc. Then I received an email from lazada telling me that they were unable to process my payment. Binawasan na nila ako tapos unable to process pa? So I called up their hotline and asked the CS bakit nacancel? Sabi niya mismatch daw ng info or walang laman yung cc. Sabi ko alam ko naman alam ko kung may laman or wala yung card bago ko gamitin. Kaya sabi ko pwede bang icontinue nalang yung transaction para hindi na hassle sa reversal, I can send my ID and scanned copy of my cc for verification. Sabi ba naman sakin hindi na daw pwede kung gusto ko magorder nalang ulit ako tapos bayaran ko ulit. Nakakastress ang Lazada ha!

    1. joey sigamata

      hi Miss princess.. I also ordered last May 6 2015 and received the same email stating the same reason as yours..

      1. Kristian

        This is my first transaction with LAZADA and definitely the last. I will also advise to my friends and colleagues not to use your site in buying online.

        I just recently purchase a 2 A/C unit from Lazada using my credit card. It is worth 35k. Unfortunately, my first order was cancelled without notice. They refund my money but it was P2000 pesos short. Wow, and i tried again, for the second time after 3 days from the order another email was receive saying the same that my order was cancelled due to this 3 bullshit reasons which I believe that no mistake was made.
        We are sorry to inform you that we
        were unable to verify your order 30364****; therefore, it has
        been canceled in our system. Reasons might be due to one of these 3 reasons:

        Your order is canceled in response to your request

        Your provided information does not meet our
        verification terms

        We cannot reach you following your provided information

        I am sure that all information was provided so I sent them an email asking why my order is cancelled. NO ONE IS RETURNING BACK UNTIL NOW!!!!!

        I am badly really need those coolers for my children. I am living abroad and I told the LAZADA customer service that my sister would be the contact person during the delivery and they confirmed it. I am still waiting for the second refund now and wondering how much shorter they will return from the previous transaction. Anyways, I will look into this and raised the issue with the authority, the good thing is that I have all the email conversations and my bank statement account which is my proof for filling a case against this Fraud online shopping site LAZADA.

  55. Ljohn Mesias

    Lazada is now powered by their mistakes before…
    Lazada is the most successful Online shopping mall in PH.

    Their CS is very accommodating…you can now rely to their information.

    More power Lazada!

  56. Toni Reyes

    Please NEVER take this blog down. Even if Lozada did send your product to you, this blog was super informative about how bad their customer service prior to that. Thank you so much. I got discouraged from buying a 6+ what’s the extra cash to pay if secure naman ang transaction. My gosh super thanks for this!

    1. Mabical Floridablanca

      Lazada did a lot of changes on its delivery strategy right now and they don’t wanted to delay even a single day the items ordered. Due to christmas season 2GO services went down … now 2GO is no longer partnered to Lazada and Lazada did its way to a new delivery services by its own and ensuring the customers to receive the items on time… Happy Lazada day! and more sale!

    2. Anna Banana

      They have confirmed my order on day 1. Day 2 was about availability of stock. Day 3, I was advised to wait for a call from verification department as according to them, it’s required if you use credit card. Past 48hrs from the time they advise me to “wait a call within the day,” nothing happened! So much time wasted and as of this writing, Im in the mood of canceling my order. But it’s another agony to wait for the reversal of payment or refund. Also, you need to be very skeptical on what they list in the ‘What’s in the box’ section. No wonder why they are on sale. Some items in the original package are missing/excluded. The 1-5 days within Metro Manila delivery is not true. Such a waste of time and money. They cant pay for the stress customers experience in waiting for the orders. I highly dont recommend shopping in Lazada.

      1. Maan

        are you able to refund your money?

        1. Anna Banana

          Yes. The good thing is if you use credit card, the reversal and refund is faster. Cancellation and refund was completed within the day. Pero posting in CC account will take 3 banking days. Not bad though. At least, they are good on that. They offer the best deal but better choose “Cash on Delivery” 🙂

          1. Maan

            Thanks for your feedback, 🙂 I just placed an order yesterday worth 22K using my credit card and I’m planning to cancel it because of all the negative feedbacks and just pursue with COD. Based from your experience, will they be able to process it just in time? Does the incurred amount appear in your monthly billing statement?

        2. Anna Banana

          Hi Maan. Will reply here kasi the reply button is not showing in your last comment.

          Actually, I placed my orders three times (different gadgets worth above 20k) pero
          lahat din nacancel ko. If you are really patient, like wait for at least 10 business days for your item to arrive, I think ok naman. Pero sobrang tagal talaga ng process nila. Yong isa kinancel ko na kasi kelangan ko na ang item di pa rin naprocess. Another thing is once na receive mo na yong item, di ka pa sure if okay or not. What if may defect? So another agony na naman for the replacement and refund. Magcash on delivery ka nalang para walang mawawal sayo. Sana mabilis ang COD. Pero at least, wala kang iworry na baka nabill ka na, di pa dumadating ang item.

          About reversal ng payment, nong kinancel ko naprocess agad ang refund within the day. But yong reversal ng payment sa credit card mag rereflect sya mga after 3banking days depende sa merchant mo. Mine is BPI. mabilis naman, I called BPi then kasi to ask if may napost na ba na reversal and para maibalik agad yong allowable limit.

  57. azwer

    Its really safe buying on Lazada as long you choose CashOnDelivery….tried it before…but first check open the package before paying the delivery agent…then if any issue on your item just go to lazada website and fill out return form then print it and ship it to LBC its free return to lazada just attached the return form and complete items.

  58. azwer

    same to me…i buy in lazada using my card the next day they email me saying that my order was cancelled in their system…the fact that amount reversal to my account is 5-15 days banking depending sa really dissapointing the fact the big amount deducted in my account then makes me wait that long to refund???huh! their refund policy really sucks! they did not even told me that item was out of stocks?shittt….my first time to purchase in lazada is through CashOnDelivery it quit good compare to this one using your bank account..too risky! never to do it again online! make me sick!

  59. Bibiano Wenceslao

    Whoa, so many angry comments here. I actually thought Lazada was the best thing to happen in the Philippines’ online shopping scene — better than a seller on Facebook or eBay.

    3 orders since and haven’t had a problem with them. Fast shipping/delivery. Well-handled package. Transparent order process.

    I’ve had a lot of friends asking if Lazada was legit or not because of the negative reviews about them online which seems to be just misleading and unfair on Lazada’s end. Happy customers usually don’t bother leaving good reviews anyways.

    If anyone’s interested to know more about my happy experience with them, read on here:

    As May De Jesus-Palacpac said, sometimes it’s (just) a bad egg among the good ones.

  60. ralphiexxx

    first transaction ko sa lazada ok naman inorder ko yung asus zenfone 4 nov 25 around 3pm then arrived next day morning

    now is my second transaction sana maging ok hehehe mejo malaki inorder ko ngayon and regalo ko sa pinsan ko from canada yung ibang inorder kong gaming keyboard and mouse malapit na balik nya sana umabot

  61. jay

    lazada philippines IS THE WORST Online shopping. U cannot return, refund and replace item here once u bought it. HINDI TOTOO UNG REFUND AND REPLACE NILA. BEWARE PEOPLE. Ingat kau bka maloko lng kau.

    1. Jho

      nakapagreplace naman ako ng items sa kanila..ung laptop na binili ko pinapalitan ko ng led tv at ibang brand ng laptop, ok naman wala naman ako naging problema.. so far ok naman lahat ng transactions ko sa kanila.. madalas ako mag-order sa kanila atleast twice a month wala pa naman ako nagiging problema, maliban lang if 2go ung courier mejo matagal magdeliver pero pag sa lbc 1 day lang..

      1. mayen

        Hi jho panu ka nkpagreplace ng product? Anu procedures and steps for replacement

        1. Jho

          Nag-email ako sa customer support tuturuan ka naman nila pano gagawin. May pinaprint sa akin, tapos un dinala ko sa lbc ung item..wala ka babayaran sa lbc, free un..

          1. mayen

            Thankx defect kc ung item ko gusto ko replace nila ng new sana

  62. Gina

    Lazada Philippines is extremely unprofessional. Buy at your own risk! You have to get really angry and threaten them by reporting them to the Department of Trade & Industry, Consumers Union of the Philippines, print and television media etc., before they finally respond to you beyond their canned, pathetic emails. If you have a problem with them, don’t just threaten Lazada, file your actual complaint with the DTI and the Consumers Union of the Philippines. There are over 100 complaints about them at the Department of Trade & Industry, online, etc. they claim to offer refunds but after you return your item in order and within 7 days, they do not get back to you at all. Lazada’s employees themselves admitted to me that their style is to just stock the item and that their Quality Assurance does not bother to check the item at all, especially if it’s from a third party Lazada seller as this will void their warranty and this will result in lost sales for Lazada. They also admitted to me that customers regularly curse them, obviously for their scheming unprofessional ways. Lazada Philippines also does multiple credit card debits and cancels shipments after you pay (not COD). Good luck to you on getting your money back. They have also been accused of sending second hand, deffective items (probably the returned items of other buyers) as well as shipping fake items. they use their flash sales, discounts, freebies, and refund announcements / buyer satisfaction guarantees to entice you to buy from them. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! Lazada Philippines is the exact opposite of which is truly professional. just because a firm is SEC registered, does not mean that it’s not a scammer! Deal with Lazada Philippines at your own risk!

  63. J. GO

    They can also entice customers by posting wrong infos on sale! I ordered for a portable hard drive – plug and play. Pero un dumating sa akin ung bulky and heavy – needs a power source. So I immediately shipped it back to them last Feb5 until now wala pa din feedback to where my item is. But LBC tracking status indicated that they already received my item. Its a bad business practice talaga itong si Lazada pointing their fingers to other companies. They indicated sa website that they need 2 working business days to evaluate my item. 1 week na wala pa din. What you see 100% Satisfaction guaranteed and Lazada Buyer’s Protection program is a complete BULL****!

  64. Ferdinand

    As an avid Amazon, Ebay, E-bags etc online shopper for the past several years – here’s my take on my Lazada Phils experience. I ordered an item using their site for the very first time last Dec 9, 2014. Was expecting the item to be delivered (Just a Quezon City address mind you – not a far flung address in the provinces) in time for xmas gift giving on Dec 25. Fast forward to today January 17, 2015, after several emails and requests, sadly the item is still undelivered. What is so frustrating is that you only get an automated email reply from them (LAZADA) informing me that a ticket has already been generated but that was as far as it went. I think there is something terribly wrong in how they handle customer complaints. After facing the reality that they may have lost my order somewhere along the way I even suggested that I order a different item (even if its more expensive) if they cannot provide a refund. But sadly they just responded with again the ubiquitous automated email replies. A stark difference to Amazon transactions for those who are familiar, as refunds seem almost automatic.

    To future Lazada buyers – please be careful – and sadly in my case – persistence (in my requests) is not a value Lazada recognizes.

  65. Melissa Angela

    FACT: Lazada and 2GO is bad business. They’re a bad combination. This afternoon I contacted Lazada and requested if it’s any way possible that they ship my future orders through LBC, which is the regular courier in my place and I never had any problems with it. I told them the reason of my request which is that, 2GO’s “normal” takes more than a week which LBC delivers in 1-2 days max for the same service. (Yes, I keep ordering in Lazada and going through pain with 2GO). The rep simply responded with “Unfortunately…” (a word I really dislike) and you know what follows. I find it really annoying when you express your concerns to them and they just flat out tell you they “can’t” or “it’s not possible” without even trying to see if they can work something out. Obviously that was the case the rep responds to me in a matter of minutes just acting in her own thoughts/judgment because she’s lazy. And because I’m a bitch to the lazy (there are a lot of them in Lazada) I told her well nicelyyy that, it’s a simple request that is workable if they care for their customers, but obviously it’s much easier to decline than to take any further action to try and resolve the issue and future issues which are likely for as long as 2GO remains to service provincial areas. And she talked more, explaining abc xyz which really just implies that I DEAL WITH IT because there’s not much she could do to make me happy, and I just wish upon a truck it will be LBC for me next time. Well then, all I could do was give her a Bad Unsatisfied rating. To date it’s been 18 days with Lazada and 9 days with 2GO I’m still waiting in vain.

    1. hellewthurr

      the courier very rarely matters. ANY REPUTABLE COURIER, especially big named ones, are logistically prepared to deliver on time unless impeded by some reasonable cause (typhoons, etc). But if a courier doesn’t receive anything to transport from the sender, then naturally however much they’d want to get what you’ve ordered to you as promised by the seller, it will not happen.

      1. Melissa Angela

        I disagree. Just because a company seemed reputable doesn’t mean they are competent in all aspects of their service. As soon as Lazada shipped my orders via 2GO (see Lazada is now out of the picture) it tooked about a week in transit plus 4 more days to deliver to my home even after my packages have arrived my location (of course I was checking their tracker). I don’t understand why were my packages sitting 4 more days in the local branch? LBC does not do this and this is a fair comparison because both offer the same service. And I’m pretty sure the weather during the period was lovely! I am very reasonable I already considered all possible reasons & causes leading to the undesirable situation. And of course I know (so does everybody else) that if there are no items to dispatch then obviously no delivery process takes place. However, that was not the case with me.

        1. Jho

          Ako din po provincial area, kapag 2go ung courier 1 month bago ideliver sa akin, pero pag lbc 1 day lang.. Minsan nga hindi na dinideliver ng 2go pag tinatamad sila, ibinabalik na lang sa lazada at sinasabi nila unlocated address daw kahit madaming beses na sila nakapagdeliver dito unlocated address pa din – palusot lang nila pag tinatamad magdeliver.

  66. Prudencio

    I bought something from ensogo last dec 2014 that until now jan 13 2015 hasnt arrived yet… i tried to buy from lazada (this is my 2nd time) my first purchase from lazada was 2 or 3 yrs i think and it was perfect, i got my 0+ fon in less than 4days, but now i made sure to read reviews before i push thru with buying with lazada. First attempt… they dont accept my paypal due to address issues, the funny thing is i have been using my paypal with online shopping in USA and other foreign countries and transactions went splendid, and now here in Phillippines i have address issues hahaha… I did wonder, so i checked and i found out i missed to put the barangay i belonged in my lazada account but if i paid them using my mastercard before so there should be no problem as my bank add and paypal add should be in cohorts and i wont be able to load my prepaid mastercard through my bank account if i used it to buy in lazada before if my info is not correct to start with hmmm, maybe this is also a blessing in disguise not to go thru buying … this blog tho has made me decide to delete my account at as well as ensogo when im done with my case with paypaly towards ensogo. Is there a shopping website based in Phillippines that has reasonable prices at par with the fast shipping and customer service like the other countries have? I have used cash cash pinoy before and it went just fine but i need to read reviews for this again…..Thanks to this blog! reporting to authorities is a long process kaya namimihasa ang mga loko! but the internet is so powerful that information reaches to every household, the merchants should have known this! in due time they will no longer have businesses to tend to.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      So far, the online shopping “malls” that have delivered on schedule is Cash Cash Pinoy and Zalora.

    2. Francesca Uy

      May I know how do I “delete” my lazada acount? I’ve been searching for it in google but can’t find out how. Been disappointed with their products and I don’t want to associate with them anymore

      1. Hannah

        Have you discovered how to delete your account? I want to delete or deactivate mine after they delivered a wrong product just today. It’s my 5th time to order and this is the 1st time it happened. Hassle and nakaka-stress. I will never do business with them again.

  67. Eugene Paz

    Xend is another Courier system affiliated with LBC, they offer a hassle free shipping, if you’re sending a package, they pick it up at your prefered address, had no problems yet with Xend.

  68. Jim

    Pwede bang hindi ko na kunin ung package since COD nman.bwisit e nakakastress lng

    1. Joefer Traya (Eoj)

      Yow! to those having a problem with 2GO deliveries, one Lazada rep advised me to specify the courier on my address. example: LBC Mt. Pines Subd, Paco Manila. Mine was more intense as i had it ‘(LBC pls!!!)’ as a prefix of my home address. it worked wonders :). This time, though, i am on my 8th day of wait for an imported item which lazada sent via Xend. What is Xend by the way? I am already frustrated despite the 17-day expected length of wait.

      1. Kimberley Reyes

        Thanks for the heads up re adding our preferred courier before the address! Xend, by the way, is another courier service. I’ve had them deliver some items for me and so far, they’ve been providing good service.

        1. Joefer Traya (Eoj)

          hello! I’m glad to update that my order has already arrived 1pm today!That’s 9 days despite the advertised 10-17 days! I’ve researched about Xend, too, and they seem to be faring well in the courier business! Kudos to both Xend and Lazada 🙂

  69. milton

    I should have read this blog before ordering from Lazada. I got interested on a clip lens for my phone. I placed the order on 14 December and was informed on the 15th that the product was already with 2GO. considering that our place is just 5 hours away by bus from manila, wala pa rin ang order. I should have bought the same product from the store.
    Lesson learned, never buy from LAZADA.

    1. Bobby

      I’m really disappointed when I saw my order status a while ago na cancelled ung order ko. I was like, what the heck, I placed an order for a very long time and several times a day chinecheck ko account ko for an order status and this is what I got. Good thing, cash on delivery ung payment option. I will not bother reactivating my order again dahil another wasting of time na naman mangyayari. Boo.

  70. Erika Musico

    I was Upset on Lazada Ph service too. It was like hell.
    The first time na nag order ako ng items, their Service seems to be fine.
    Pero ngayon hindi na. Dame ko pang orders na hinidi nakukuha.
    Pero nasa orderstatusko lahat ay nasa 2GO na..

  71. Bethoven Miñoza

    November 21 2014 dumating order ko sa lazada, pagdating defective. Binalik ko kinabukasan, Up to this date January 7, 2015 walang balita. Hindi rin ngrereply sa mga email ko. So frustrating. I suggest wag na kayo transact sa kanila, better to buy in a physical store. BTW, I ordered Zenfone worth 4k. Seemed, it turned out to be donations to them. Have i said fuck lazada yet? Well fuck them. #lazadaph.

  72. Teody Santiago

    Asus Zenfone 5 Lite A502CG 8GB (Black) December 23 I received the Email that may item has been shipped pero yong ibang order lang nag dumating (Ceramic Pan and Police Flashlight) pero yong Zenfon wala kinaltas na sa BDO Credit Card ko at nag inform na s akin ang BDO ng bill pero wala pa hanggang ngayon ang order ko na zenfone

  73. Teody Santiago

    Nasaan na ang order ko na Asus Zenfone 5 Lite A502CG 8GB (Black) kinaltas na sa BDO Credit Card ko pero hanggang ngayon wala pa rin, Imagine Dec. 23 pa daw naka shipped hanggang ngayon wala…

  74. Michael Leavitt

    Lazada is a nightmare in disguise. When things go right, the prices are good and the delivery is quick. But when things go wrong as they often do, you’ll find their customer service to be terrible. Really terrible. I’m still waiting for Xmas gifts that they shipped with 2Go into the abyss.

  75. James O'Brien

    I am in the same boat with respect to Lazada. I guess I have been spoiled with dealing with as Amazon Prime membersin the U.S. A couple of clicks and the package is on your front porch in two days come rain or shine. Lazada? A nice glitzy webside, prices clearly posted (some discounted), and free delivery within 1-2 days within Metro Manila and 10 days to the provinces. Yeah, right. That’s the promise. I ordered a HDTV from Lazada. A major and scary purchase for someone 10,000 miles away. The tracking number they provided leads to oblivion and is not recognized at all by the shipper, 2GO. Nothing, nada, zilch! After two emails (the latest reprinted below), I get the following response several days later:

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##

    Your inquiry has been updated. You can reply to this e-mail to provide an update.


    Rhea, Dec 27 01:06 PM:
    Dear James,

    We received your inquiry about your order status. We are sorry to inform you that due to the high volumes we are facing during this period, we are experiencing delays in deliveries.

    Your order has been shipped with 2GO (redacted for privacy but doesn’t work anyway). You can track delivery on 2GO website ( or directly call their hotline. However do note that given the holiday season our partner is experiencing high volumes and hence delays in the supply chain, including delays on updating their system with your information (tracking ID might not be reflected there)

    On our side we will continue to follow-up with 2GO until your order is delivered

    In the meantime please accept our apologies for any inconvenience

    All the best”

    Rhea | Customer Service |


    James M OBrien, Dec 27 12:12 AM:
    Tracking number provided for order number (redacted for privacy) is invalid. Tracking number (redacted for privacy) when entered either comes out with invalid or 0 result. I’m very dissatisfied of your service. You should have communication with your 2go shipping company and reflected in Lazada tracking. Your responsibility to your customer in providing appropriate tracking should not stop at shipping. You claimed delivery is 5-10 days. We have exceeded that time frame plus you provided an incorrect tracking number.
    Please respond urgently or I will have to cancel my order. I’m very dissatisfied with your company. Also, you should provide a toll free number for your international clients to call.

    Submitted from:

    When do you think Lazada realized they were receiving high volumes? Was anyone warned when they placed their order about even the possibility of high volumes resulting in delays in delivery or preventing deliveries by Christmas? Could those 1-2 day estimates have been changed to 1-2 weeks and the 5-10 day estimates be changed to 5 to10 weeks so customers could refrain from ordering on that basis? What did Lazada know and when did they know it? With my wife’s family, they sit at home waiting for the phone to ring or the knock on the door for the arrival of their Christmas present. This is a big event. But Lazada is the Grinch who stole Christmas. Ebenezer Lazada is having this same scenario played out all over the country. Hey Lazada, how about a 5% refund for each and every business day late? Why isn’t the CEO out making deliveries? Why doesn’t Lazada step up and do the right thing? How many people will get so fed up that they notify Visa or Mastercard to cancel the credit charge for non-performance and non-delivery? How long will Visa or Mastercard accept Lazada as a vendor?

  76. Dave Jay P Olvenario

    Ma’am, forgive my English. I feel very fortunate to have found this article of yours. I too had the same distressing experience, not with Lazada but with 2GO, their so-called partner courier company. I also ordered from Lazada. It’s an Asus laptop. I have always wanted to buy a new laptop since my netbook could no longer meet the demands of my work. So on December 13, 2014, I ordered online. I also got enticed by their 1000-peso discount. It was a voucher. So I got a price way lower than those offered by computer shops. Thereafter, I got an email from Lazada, informing me that they successfully verified my order. The following day I got another email informing me that my laptop has been fully shipped and is now in the good hands of 2GO. They gave me a tracking number to monitor the status of my shipment at 2GO’s website. It took for about four days before my shipment status appeared on the site. I was tracking it everyday and on December 20, a week after, I was surprised to see at 2GO’s website that my item was not delivered. There was a note which says: “UNDELIVERED. Reason: Bad Address. Unlocated”. What the heck! I didn’t even receive any text or call from 2GO or saw any of their delivery personnel at my residence. And now they’re telling me that I had a bad address and that they were unable to deliver my item because they simply can’t locate me? I immediately called 2GO to raise this concern. I told them that it was impossible for them not to find my address. My place is at the heart of Cebu City and it is also along the highway. So it is simply impossible for them not to find my address if they really had it delivered. Their rep told me that there was nothing to worry. My item was still in transit and that I just had to wait. Few days after, the same note appeared on the website and there were still no updates. Again, I called 2GO and all they could offer me was the same advice. It has been more than 10 days and my worries got worse. So I called their Manila office and surprisingly, a rep told me that my item was delivered to a wrong address. What the ****! This made me so angry that I lambasted their rep. He then told me that he will contact their field office to locate my item and then have it delivered to my address here in Cebu. So frustrating. To this day, I still don’t have my item. I was planning to have it cancelled but my friend advised me to wait a bit longer. A Lazada rep called me yesterday to inform me that my order (a different one) which was delivered by LEX (Lazada Express) is already in Cebu and will be delivered to my address tomorrow. It only took LEX about five days to deliver my order from Manila. I told the rep from Lazada about my problem with 2GO and I advised them to discontinue their partnership with 2GO. They’re such a pain in the ass. Forgive my words. Their reps are so incompetent and their service, so far the worst that I have ever experienced.


      OMG. This is my problem too. Can I cancel my order? What do you think? Nag-order din ako dun sa lazada. Nung December 21, 2k14. Until now wala pa yung order. Nakakastress talaga. Gustong gusto ko ng icancel. But hindi ko alam kung paano sila kokontakin. 🙁 Can you help me? Please?

      1. Kim Timbol-Reyes

        I’m not sure about how to cancel your order. Maybe you can call them so you’d know what to do.

    2. Jho

      Tamad po magdeliver ang 2go.. Ganyan din saken minsan inaabot ng 1 month bago ideliver, minsan naman hindi na idinideliver kasi “unlocated address” daw kahit ilang beses na cla nakapagdeliver d2 sa address ko..

  77. Marian

    With gadgets, I trusted Kim’s Store and ShopthisEasy for fashion apparel.

  78. dee

    Buying imported #Samsung products at #Lazada is the worst experience ever!!

    Read and share

    Last July, i bought a Samsung Galaxy tab S 8.4 at Lazada. Since it was my first time to purchase an expensive item at Lazada, i made sure that if the item was defective and all, i could return it to them and they would refund or replace provided that it is not beyond the 30day return policy. So yes, i gambled on it. I felt i had a good deal. It took me 10 days to receive the item because they had to purchase it in Hong Kong. When i received the package, it was perfect! It was a really nice product. It was lightweight and very slim. It had nice display and everything. I loved it so much that i purchased a cover and a screen protector immediately to keep it nice and scratch free. I really enjoyed that tablet until one fine day, the screen suddenly turned green! I was so scared because it was already two months++ after the 30day return period! So i called Lazada to ask about it and they told me to bring the tablet to the nearest Samsung store to have it checked. And since we don’t have a store here, i browsed thru Samsung’s site and read about the warranty. I even called their toll free number. They said that they won’t honor the warranty because i bought it online. They can repair it, but it would cost about 15,000!!! Imagine that! It’s like buying a new tablet! So i tried to contact Samsung hong Kong because the tablet sent was from there and they told me that if it was indeed from them, they will have it repaired or even replaced. So okay, i called Lazada that i will be sending back the tablet. I sent the tablet on October 9 thru LBC. They emailed that they received the package and that they will check the damage. They told me that the process would take about a week. So i patiently waited. After a week, they told me that the item was really defective and since it is still under warranty, they will send it back to Samsung for repair. However, the process would take 3-4 weeks. Since i cannot do anything about it, i waited for 3weeks before i started to follow up on the status of my item. I remember sending them a lot of emails but they all have the same reply: we will check maam. So i thought maybe it’s because the seller in HK won’t update them also. I asked Lazada to call me so i can have an update. The CSA said the same thing! We will check! December 9, two months after i sent the tablet, Lazada sent an email telling me they have received the product for repair and i was like

  79. Xavier

    Well, I’m about to buy a new phone from Lazada (just a simple Christmas gift for myself) but after reading this terrifying review, I hesitate. Thanks. This helps.

  80. Prince

    I’m planning to buy an Asus Zenfone from them but, I find this so discouraging. thought i would just buy on a store.

    1. Kim Reyes

      Actually, if you’re going to buy a gadget, it’s safer if you purchase directly from a store. At least you don’t have to get so stressed out about when the gadget will be delivered. 🙂

  81. Kenzo

    This is my 2nd time buying/ordering in Lazada and I encountered a order got cancelled without them informing me..kung hndi ko p ichecheck ung status ng order ko hndi ko pa malalaman..question anu email po nila pra mkapagtanong ako kung ano ngyari at bakit nacancel ung order ko..hndi kasi ako sanay pgdating sa mga calls..please kindly give me their email or any other contacts na pwede ko magamit pra mkapag tanong sa Lazada…

    1. Kim Reyes

      Hi Kenzo, I believe they have the information you need in their website.

  82. KAT


  83. janjanboy24

    My friend also did experience some bad delivery experience moment at them too. Glad I only tried to shop at online store and so far they always delivered my item pretty fast.

  84. leni

    I received a massage from lazada that my refund voucher have already processed. How to process my refund?
    Thank you lazada for responding my msg.last week.

    1. Kim Reyes

      Hi, I’m not from Lazada so I don’t know their process for claiming refunds. You might want to contact their customer support about that.

  85. Yael

    They did not improve at all! It is more than 2 weeks already from the promised delivery date but I am still not getting my product even after countless of follow-ups. I should have read about the reviews first. I have tried other online shopping sites and it went well. I thought Lazada is more organized considering its advertisements. Oh well, word of mouth will just waste your ad campaigns.

    1. Kim Reyes

      That’s unfortunate. When they contacted me about my experience, I thought they’d use that to improve. From all the comments here, it looks like they haven’t done anything about the poor service yet. 🙁

      1. Eujilei prada

        Pano Po Pag Di Nahanap Ung Address Mo Tapos COD Pa Po Yung Payment Method?

  86. kevin

    wow. I was planning to buy item in Lozada but because of this. I thnk its not a good Idea to buy items in Lozada, based on this blog. thanks for the informations… (^_^)

  87. Ajajaireh

    I was actually discussing the possibility of purchasing our raffle prizes in Lazada, but from what I read, I would not risked getting blamed for not having a raffle draw for our companies Christmas Party just because I thought it would be easier. I would just rather go to a local appliance store and purchase the raffle prizes there. Thank you for writing this, it got me out of a possible embarrassing situation.

  88. paulito

    The customer service still sucks or is still very poor. and your orders will still go on adventures and get lost. Nothing changed.

  89. Gracey

    my mother had the same experience with lazada. the only standing problem now is they won’t replace the product. they went to the extent of accusing us of returning the product tampered because it’s not on its original box. like hello? where would we get lazada boxes when it was our first time ordering. tsk! disappointing.

  90. Rikka Redrico

    *Sigh. I don’t know if I have the right to complain but they are making us angry already. My SIL paid the items last August 26. We are expecting 2 AOC units and up until now, we don’t know when the items would be delivered. Paikot ikot lang kami sa customer reps. Hay 🙁

    1. Kim Reyes

      Aww, so sorry you’re going through the same thing! I hope they’d improve their customer service and shipping. Keep calling them back until you get your item.

  91. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    OMG! 42 days?! Nakakaloka naman yon! I haven’t tried ordering from Lazada yet. Your blogpost is discouraging.Thanks for sharing.

  92. MommyPehpot

    jusme Kim!!! ang tyaga mo mag antay! hindi ko kakayanin ang 42 days! Kung ako yan, malamang may I sugod Lazada office na ang drama ko haha

    1. Kim Reyes

      Di ko carry sumugod muther. Walang pag-iiwanan ng mga bata. Haha! Kaya nga nag online purchase para di na lalabas biglang ganyan nangyari noh?

  93. pauperslens

    Scary! Frustrating! What an experience. If it was me, I would have freaked out. ^_^ This had me thinking of getting gadgets online. ^_^

    1. Kim Reyes

      I was considering buying gadgets online, until this happened. I don’t think I can spend thousands with this kind of service.

  94. Camille Aguila

    We tried lazada na din parang 2weeks nga sya bago dumating. Ilang beses din kami nagfollow up. Katakot yung ganitong mga bilihan. They sell gadgets pa naman..

    1. Kim Reyes

      Naku, pag big purchases hindi ko talaga binibili online. Nakakatakot – lalo na nangyari ito.

      1. Owlan

        Ahahah bat naman ung tito ko galing saudi nag order sa lazada ng gadgets nung august 2014 dumating ang deliver ng 2 days at ngaun umorder ulit sya ng 3 gadgets dumating naman sa tamang araw 🙂 base lang po sa experience namin tiwala kami sa lazada

  95. Janice Lim

    Sorry this happened to you, Kim. I’ve never shopped from Lazada before because I’ve read so many bad reviews online. But I’ve tried other shopping sites like Zalora and have had good experiences so far. Really hope that Lazada improves their customer service.

    1. Kim Reyes

      I have no idea why I didn’t read reviews before buying. Hehe! I’ll definitely do research before purchasing items from online shops.

  96. Patty | MrsC

    Eek what an unpleasant experience! I’ve never bought anything from Lazada or Zalora, but I’d been planning on checking both out sana. I think I’ll skip Lazada for now. Hopefully though, things improve on their end.

    1. Kim Reyes

      I’ve tried Zalora twice, I like their service naman and they’re very fast when responding to tickets. The items also arrive on time.

  97. Jen Bave

    I concur, that was a traumatic experience. That’s also the reason why I don’t want to buy stuff online. Some say it’s easier, but others say horrible things, same as what you’ve experienced. I would rather be on the safe side. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this one Kim.

  98. The reason why I am not a fan of online shopping. Even those with “reputable” names could cause these delays and inconvenience. Plus they could actually turn the tables around if you’re not persistent/strong about your complaints or follow ups. Good thing you got your package already Kim! 🙂

    1. Kim Reyes

      Naku, I was about to give up when one of the reps said that my package has been delivered and accepted. Buti naisipan ko tawagan ang 2Go to confirm. Kung hindi, baka hindi ko na nakuha.

  99. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    actually sometimes it’s a bad egg among the good ones. may tamad na staff na hindi nagfollow up ng maayos. grrr. kakainis yan.

    sigh mejo nadadala na ako sa mga online deals na yan. 🙁

    1. Kim Reyes

      Yes, may rep talaga na tamad. Unfortunately for me, the first three I spoke with were too lazy to fix my concern. 🙁 Dahil sa mga instances na ganito kaya di ako masyadong nag-oonline shopping.

  100. rhania (@rhaindropz)

    very bad costumer service =( nangyari din po yan sakin sa glamourbox and xend.. after a month nareceived ko din yung package. hay.. very thankful ako dun sa nakausap ko na taga GB =) after their investigation.. lost daw ung package ko.. hay.. bakit kaya nila pinagiinteresan ang mga gamit/bagay na hindi kanila

    thank you ms kim for leaving comment sa page ko =) hugs!

  101. Rae

    This is unfortunate. They should improve on customer service nga. Thankfully I never had to deal with this. E and I shop from them a lot, mouse, laptop stuff, etc. They even have regular updates for the 2go waybill. If the rep wasn’t tamad, things would’ve gone better.

    1. Prince

      So, you got your orders on time without any problems at all?

      1. Kim Reyes

        I didn’t get my orders on time, actually. It took weeks of follow ups before my order was delivered.

        1. Celine

          I can relate to that. A few months ago I ordered clothes from an online clothing company, shipping outside Metro Manila was supposed to take 3-5 business days. Fast forward it took almost 10 business days before I received my product. Their courier was Xend but it arrived thru 2Go. I guess we should really try to order on Mondays especially if our location is outside Luzon.

        2. Hazel

          Hindi pa na didiliver sakin ang product paano ko sya cancel ???

          1. Gadget Specs Ph

            For everyone’s info, you can’t cancel an order that has already been shipped.

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