Guess who just had a haircut?

After delaying it for a couple of weeks, my mom finally convinced me to give The Princess a haircut. Since the little girl finds it annoying every time her hair pierces her eyes, I decided to give her bangs a trim. Daddy A wanted to bring her to a kiddie salon, but I think paying two hundred bucks is a little too much for just trimming the bangs (a haircut costs around Php375).

And the end-result…


Tada! Dora the Explorer. Haha!

I kept delaying her cut because I was afraid that she’d move and get hurt. To my surprise, she kept still the whole time we were trimming her bangs.

I can tell that she likes her new do because she kept asking me and her aunt to take photos of her.

My advice to moms and dads who plan to trim their toddler’s hair is to give him/her something that he/she can watch or play with during the cut. This way, he/she will not get impatient and move. It is also helpful to have him/her sit on someone else’s lap while getting the trim so someone can have control over his/her movements.

Kimberley Reyes

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