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The Kera Girl Party at Piandré Salon: The Mom On Duty Gets A Much Needed Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner Treatment

About two weeks ago, Krisna and I went down from the mountains of Rizal and braved the Metro Manila traffic for a party we wouldn’t miss for the world–the Kera Girl Party at Piandré Salon! Well, we almost missed it thanks to Google Maps that kept leading us to dead ends and, one time, a staircase that I almost drove the car through. Thank goodness I didn’t completely trust Google Maps and checked where it was leading us to! LOL.


Some of you might think that stay/work at home moms have all the time in the world. The truth is, 24 hours are not enough for us homemakers! We can get extremely busy managing our household that we oftentimes forget to give ourselves some time to breathe and regroup. I can go for weeks without having my nails done or months without getting a hair treatment! The result? My losyang look.

10/48 Reflection

Before I had kids, I was always on schedule for getting my nails done or having my hair treated. But when I had a baby, followed by another one, my little ones always come first. It’s not like I hate thinking of them first, but us moms should really find the time to pamper ourselves too. Look at my nasty roots and frizzy hair in the photo above!

BUT, motherhood shouldn’t be an excuse to not look our best. Thank goodness I finally discovered Piandré Salon, which caters to the whole family. I’ve actually been searching for a salon where I can have my hair done, where Arjay can have his trim, and where the minis can get their hair cut, too–but most salons won’t accept kids under the age of 5. So we always end up going to different salons, located in different malls. Imagine the hassle!

hair makeover by piandre salon

At Piandre Salon, you can bring the whole family with you! I love that they have everything you need there for a day of pampering: highly skilled hair dressers, hair treatments for all types of hair, you can get your nails done, you can even get a massage. I should note, too, that the services are affordable.

Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner TreatmentDuring the Kera Girl Party, my hair was assessed by a stylist so they’d know which treatment is best for me. As expected, it’s super dry and a bit damaged because I had it colored twice last year. He recommended the Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner Treatment, an intense conditioning treatment that revives damaged hair.

The best part about getting the Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner Treatment is that there is no need to refrain from washing the hair for days after treatment. In fact, I washed it the next day and it still was smooth and easy to control. Paired with Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair looked like it just came from the salon even after two weeks!

I hope to make this treatment a monthly thing since I just love its effect on my hair!

Piandre Salon Kera Girl Party

See how nice-looking hair can change your look from haggard to fab? So yes, I am definitely going to schedule regular visits at Piandre Salon so I can keep my hair healthy and beautiful.

Have you tried going to Piandre Salon for your hair treatments? What’s your favorite treatment?

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  1. Mai Rivera-Dela Cena

    Natawa ako dito ->> went down from the mountains of Rizal ^_^ Sana nakasabay na rin ako sa pagbaba hehe.. and you are right, these days I keep on telling din na kulang ang 24 hours for me. You’re looking great Kim and the dress loved it:) I hope I could meet Krisna din in person (since she’s from Rizal too), been reading her blog for quite a long time at nakakawala nga ng stress:-)

    1. Kim Timbol-Reyes

      I was thinking of you nga when I was invited to the Kera Girl party! Akala ko kasi busy ka. Next time, though, I’ll let you know para sabay sabay tayo bababa sa mountains of Rizal. Hahaha! We should have a repeat of the WAHM meetup noh? I miss you ladies already!

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