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Travel During Pregnancy: What To Prepare

Are you expecting and planning to travel soon? Here are some things you need to take note of if you plan to travel during pregnancy.

If you are planning to travel by plane soon, make sure that you have all the necessary documents ready so as not to encounter any delays or cancellations.

Philippine Airlines Requirements for Pregnant Passengers

All Expectant Mothers flying with Philippine Airlines are required to submit the Expectant Mothers Information Sheet (EMIS) Form to a PAL ticketing office. You can download the form here. Or, you may secure copies of the form from a PAL ticketing office. Make sure that Part 1 is properly accomplished.

Expectant Mothers whose gestation age is between 24 to 32 weeks, EMIS Form Part 2 must be accomplished by a physician to ensure that the mother is fit to travel. Furthermore, if the mother is below 21 years old, a written consent of the husband, parent, or guardian must be submitted.

Expectant Mothers beyond 32 weeks of pregnancy are required to have the Flight Surgeon or Company Physician who shall issue the clearance for travel accomplish EMIS Form Part 3.

The EMIS form is valid for 7 days from the date of issuance.

Cebu Pacific Requirements For Pregnant Passengers

Before anything else, if you are expecting, ask for three (3) copies of the Passenger Handling Form and make sure you bring it with you.

Expectant Mothers whose age of gestation is 0 to below 34 weeks are not required to submit a medical certificate. However, if the age of gestation is 34 weeks and above, the Expectant Mother will be required to present a medical certificate with the notation ‘Fit to Travel’ that is signed by a physician.

In addition, Cebu Pacific notes:

Except for flights to or from the United States, the expectant mother must complete her travel within the validity period of the medical certificate which should be ten (10) days from date of issuance.

For flights to or from the United States, the expectant mother is required to submit a medical certificate for her outbound travel only; the medical certificate must be dated within ten (10) days of the scheduled date of initial departure.

Happy travels!

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  1. Cynthia

    8months po pwede makasakay ng eroplano..thanks po reply..

  2. Unknown

    If ang flight po ay May 14 ano po dapat ang date na nakalagay sa medical certificate?

  3. ronaRona

    How far along were you into pregnancy when you travelled? Were you allowed to board? I am booked to fly to Taiwan this coming Wednesday and 27 weeks pregnant. Got the special handling form and medcert na din. I hope Im allowed talaga as I have heard some stories that they were refused to fly while 6mos pregnant. Thanks!

    1. Kim Reyes

      I think I was about 6 months pregnant that time. I did not push through with the trip as per my OB’s advice so my husband flew on his own. Just to be sure, give your airline a call about this.

      1. Rona

        My doctor is ok with the trip so she gave me the medcert. And i called up the airline already kaya they said i am allowed to board as long as I have these docs. Thanks for the reply!

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