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Telemedicine Services: What It Is And Why You Need It

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the Philippines, we can take advantage of telemedicine services to get medical advice without having to leave the house. Well, even without COVID-19, I think us moms need telemedicine services with all the medical concerns that arise as we raise our little humans. Aminin, you’ve brought your little one to the doctor for even the simplest health concerns like accidentally cutting skin while trimming their nails. (O, ako lang ba ‘yon? Hahaha!)

According to Maridol D. Ylanan, CEO of Global Telehealth, Inc. which runs KonsultaMD, telemedicine is a viable alternative to going to a hospital emergency room, which should be reserved for critical cases. Just like emergency rooms, telemedicine services offer people 24/7 access to doctors without exposing themselves since they can consult without heading to a clinic.

“Telemedicine providers are here to give health advice.  KonsultaMD, for instance, has a team of doctors who are fully-equipped with the knowledge on how to deal with various medical concerns including COVID-19.  Through telephone triaging, the doctor can advise the customer whether they need to go to the hospital for further evaluation or testing,” Ylanan said.

Sounds good! Where can I access telemedicine services here in the Philippines?

While telemedicine is not yet widely known in the Philippines, it’s already viewed as a key tool to fight spread infectious diseases in countries like the US.

BUT! Although this is not popular in the Philippines, we do have that service already available here – for five years – through KonsultaMD.

KonsultaMD offers unlimited immediate access to doctors 24/7 through flexible and affordable plans such as an individual subscription fee of P15 a week or P60 a month for Globe Prepaid and TM customers, deductible from their prepaid load.

All you need is to dial their numbers:

  • From your Globe or TM mobile phone: 79880
  • From any landline: 02-7798-8000

These numbers will give you access to a doctor to ask for medical information for primary conditions, maternity, pediatrics, mental health, COVID-19, health coaching, nutrition counseling, reading of laboratory and diagnostic results, and permissible medication, among others.

The doctors of KonsultaMD will also determine the urgency of the situation through telephone triaging so they can advise you to go to the emergency room if required.

How do I subscribe to KonsultaMD?

It’s actually very easy!

OPTION 1: If you are a Globe Postpaid subscriber, you have an option to subscribe to a P99 per week plan. You can extend this to one additional family member OR pay P150 per month and get four extensions. This will be charged on top of your monthly bill.

OPTION 2: If you are a non-Globe and TM subscriber, you can avail of KonsultaMD services through a one-year subscription payable via credit card or mobile money. This is also subject to regular cellphone charges if you call via mobile. The investment is P150 per month for group subscription or P60 per month for individual subscription.

Ready to get 24/7 access to medical care? Subscribe by visit or by calling 79880 toll-free via mobile (for Globe/TM customers) or (02) 7798-8000.

KonsultaMD is under 917Ventures, the largest corporate incubator in the Philippines and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom.

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