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Find Training Courses Online with SpeedyCourse

Select and enroll in any course from any provider. Find comprehensive courses, trainings, seminars and workshops.

Being a blogger and entrepreneur, I have always turned to the internet for new information I can use to further improve my skills. The downside is that since information has been made easily accessible with just a few clicks, people often have to sort through thousands of search engine results that may not even be related to what they’re looking for. is an online course finder designed for people who are looking for information on training courses online by bringing together training course providers who specialize in different fields. With its simple, easy-to-use search engine, users simply need to type in a keyword to get results on what training courses are available for the type of skill that they want to learn or develop.

Easily find courses

Looking for a baking workshop in town? SpeedyCourse can find one for you! Need to learn the basics of bookkeeping? SpeedyCourse has a course for you too! Really, they have a vast collection of training courses, workshops, etc. both online and person-led that anyone–stay-at-home mom, corporate junkie, and entrepreneur–can enroll to.

Now accessible in 16 countries—including USA, UK, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, and South Africa—SpeedyCourse has also added more filtering options for search results. Users can now filter courses by location (city or zip code), delivery method (classroom/person-led or online) or category. Soon, they will also be able to filter by date and price to know which training courses fit their schedule and budget.

Communicate with training providers

SpeedyCourse also makes it easy for users to send inquiries directly to training providers with an online messaging feature that’s accessible right on the course page that they’re viewing. This makes communication easier and faster in case enrollees have questions about the course!

Enroll online

The best part is, you don’t need to brave Manila’s carmaggedon just to enroll because SpeedyCourse allows online enrollment for their courses. Payments can be made online so it’s super hassle-free to sign up for a workshop you’ve been wanting to join.

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