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I have avoided exercising most of my life because I hate the feeling of being sweaty. It really makes me super uncomfortable. This is why of all types of exercises, swimming is my most favorite. The problem with swimming is, it’s so hard to find a lap pool. There is actually one near our house, but they don’t offer memberships so I have to pay P350 every time I want to use the pool. If I swim three times a week, that would cost me P1,050 a week! And that is just ridiculous.

So I settled with exercising at home. By exercising, I mean running after my toddlers. Aside from that, I haven’t done anything to get my heart pumping.

Then, I was invited to a small gathering of people that are advocating active lifestyle through the simplest of ways – walking. The Steps Project aims to encourage people to start shifting to a healthier, more active lifestyle by simply moving.

The Steps Project
Photo courtesy of The Steps Project

For a person who constantly avoids exercising, I like the idea of achieving better health without “intentionally exercising.” Because really, if someone asked me to go to the gym with them to exercise, I wouldn’t go. But if someone asked me to take a walk, I’d immediately say yes. This has happened a couple of times before, actually. Arjay would often ask me to go to the gym, but I would always tell him that I’d go some other time. But when he asks me to take a walk around the village, I always drop whatever I’m doing and take a break through a long walk.

The Steps Project will be officially launched on April 13, 2014 at the UP Diliman Oval Track. It will be headed by its ambassador and fitness advocate, Rovilson Fernandez.

The Steps Project

Lots of activities and surprises await the participant because aside from the walk around the UP Diliman Oval, there will also be an active lifestyle fair! This is the fun part: For every round a participant makes (by walking, jogging, or running), he/she will earn a colored band that represents 2,000 steps. The bands can be exchanged for treats and prizes in the activity area. So the more rounds you will make, the more prizes you will get! Fun, right?!

It should be mentioned, too, that on the same day, the 10,000 Slippers charity movement will be launched. Participants are encouraged to bring slippers with them. These will be turned over to UP Tacloban for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Online registration for the active lifestyle fair will begin on March 17, 2014. Just head on over to www.thestepsproject.com for more information! See you there!

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