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Top 3 Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines (And How You Can Save Money When Shopping From Them)

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I’ve mentioned it before–I really don’t like shopping…in malls that is. I find it such a hassle to spend 2-3 hours in the congested roads of Metro Manila only to find myself in a crowded mall with little to no space to move (especially during the holiday season). And with two little kids who tag along in most of my out-of-the-house excursions, going to the mall to shop is a huge challenge.

It’s no surprise that I chose a condo that has a grocery right beside it. I get to walk to the grocery with the kids to buy anything we need for the kitchen. No need to brave through the traffic and I get to just quickly do my food shopping even with the kids. As for our other needs at home, I turn to online shopping.

A lot of my readers have asked which online shopping sites in the Philippines I’ve tried and can recommend so I decided to write a post about my top three picks. Here goes…

My Top 3 Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines

#1 What makes it to the top of my list is Zalora Philippines. I’ve bought clothes, shoes and accessories from them for my husband and myself a couple of times and I am very happy with their overall service. I like the quality of their clothes and their customer support is super helpful (a biggie for me!). Online shopping–especially for clothes–can get you out of your budget quickly because of all those trendy outfits they have in their catalogue, so if you want to save some cash, iVoucherCodes has lots of Zalora coupon codes you can use. Visit their Zalora page to get the codes!

#2 When I need a new gadget, say a USB or an external drive, I turn to no other than Cash Cash Pinoy for my tech needs. I have nothing but good experiences with this online shopping site! I never needed to use customer support because there’s nothing to ask support for. What I love best about this shopping site is that their delivery is really quick–quicker than most sites I’ve tried. There was no need to follow-up because items arrive on the day they indicated in the order form.

#3 If there is anything I love to shop for online, that would be items for our home. Where else will I go to but Lazada Philippines for our home’s needs! They’re my favorite online shopping site in the Philippines for anything we need for our condo mainly because they have all the brands I absolutely love. When we moved to our new home two months ago, I hoarded Ikea items from Lazada. I adore the clean finish and minimalist design of Ikea products so imagine my joy when the items arrived! If you tend to hoard for items for your home (which I believe most moms tend to do LOL), check out the latest Lazada vouchers here for discounts.

How exactly do you use voucher codes to save money when you shop online?

I mentioned vouchers above and if you’ve never used them, I’m sure you’re wondering what these are and how you can use them to save money when you shop online. These vouchers basically work like the coupons you get from newspapers and magazines. However, instead of cutting them up and presenting them to the store where you want to use them, voucher codes make use of codes so you don’t need to physically go to the store of your choice to get the discount. All you need to do is to copy the code upon checkout then you get the discount!

Here’s an infographic that explains the whole process at

Easy peasy, right? Go ahead…visit these online shopping sites in the Philippines and start shopping. Don’t forget to use the voucher codes I shared in the links above!

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  1. Van

    I am a regular customer on lazada 🙂

  2. Emma

    I have bought lots of products from Lazada site with their discount codes or promo codes.

  3. Celine

    This is what I like when I go shopping in Lazada and Zalora they offer discount codes. That way I can buy what I want for less. Plus they offer Cash-On-Delivery, so you can be assured that you receive the product before paying for it.

  4. ashley madison

    I’ve purchased some phone accessories at, last month. The total price is discounted because of the Gift Certificate that they gave me. I think it’s around P300 for purchasing not on-sale items. It’s very cheap tho and their delivery service is great.

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