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Protect Yourself from Germs Everywhere You Go with #LysolOnTheGo


If you have been following us on this blog (and social media), then you’re probably aware that we’ve had a rough couple of weeks with HFMD and sore eyes hitting our home hard. It’s crazy because when I heard there’s an outbreak of these two illnesses, we avoided going out already. But these sneaky viruses really find their way into the home and they got into ours!

During our sick weeks, I made sure that the illness won’t transfer to anyone else by keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. I constantly reminded the whole family to wash their hands and disinfected our rooms countless of times–all with the help of my trusted Lysol® products. If I can bring those products with me anywhere, I would! I swear, Lysol® is really good at fighting off germs because with the help of their products, we were able to prevent the diseases from spreading to other family members. Two thumbs up!

Imagine my joy when I received a package from Lysol® Philippines for our family’s very own weapons against germs…and we can bring ’em anywhere! Why? Because some of Lysol®’s products now come in travel-sized packaging! With #LysolOnTheGo, we can now protect ourselves from germs even when we’re out of the house. This is especially important for me because my two minis almost always tag along wherever I go.

Grab these on-the-go products from Lysol® Philippines today! For updates and more information about #LysolOnTheGo products, visit

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