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The Minis’ Fun Fridays + The New PLDT HOME Telpad Kiddie Bundle

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Arjay and I have been quite strict about the use of gadgets at home—especially by the minis. Not only does it stop them from playing like real kids, gadgets have become a cause of arguments… mini vs. mini OR mini(s) vs. parent(s). Those little glowing screens are just so addicting, right?

To regain control over the household, we have decided to minimize gadget time for everyone at home. Arjay and I only use our gadgets in our offices (so if you can’t reach me on Facebook or Viber, that’s because it’s banned from our house haha) while the minis can only use the iPad on Fridays, after school and only for a limited time.

Although we have limited the gadget time of the minis, I’m still a bit concerned because the iPad doesn’t give me much control about what they watch or play. For instance, I once caught The Princess watching a My Little Pony-inspired animation on YouTube with a topic that is not intended for kids her age. It’s crazy! I can’t say it was her fault she found that video because it is based on a cartoon she watches. She wouldn’t have known.

So what’s a parent to do?

We don’t really intend to ban them fully from gadgets because these gadgets are not really very bad with proper use (hey, our little girl has a knack for digital art—may tagapagmana na ng business! :D). So, our only option is to find a way to somehow control what they can access.

Then we found out about the new offer of PLDT HOME Telpad na swak na swak sa needs namin! To help parents manage their kids’ foray into the digital world of entertainment, the PLDT HOME Telpad Kiddie Bundle offers a certified kid-friendly and mom-approved entertainment for little ones.


This new bonus kiddie entertainment bundle, which features content from iflix, FOX International Channels, Cignal and Spinnr, strengthens the Telpad’s role as kids’ favorite gadget at home with over 2,000 hours of content and shows!

Whether it’s animated shows, adventure stories or edutainment features, PLDT HOME Telpad’s entertainment bundle surely has something to delight kids of all ages.

What I love about the Kiddie Bundle is that it not just offers kid-friendly and educational entertainment, but also gives parents peace of mind because we are assured that the kids will not see anything that is not intended for their viewing.

And guess what? If your kid loves music (or if YOU love music), Telpad’s unlimited streaming access via Spinnr will allow the whole family to play musical games or simply relive their favorite Disney or Pixar movies with soundtracks from popular films like Star Wars as well as songs by Taylor Swift, One Direction, and Ariana Grande.

That last bit about access to Spinnr is a biggie for us because we love singing along to Disney songs—Daddy A included! 😀 Fun times. Fun times, indeed!

Eat Bulaga mainstays Ryzza Mae Dizon and baby Baste, as well as celebrity couple Marc Pingris and Danica Sotto-Pingris and their kids have all been using (and enjoying) Telpad! And more and more families are using it during their down time as well. I am not surprised because with all its features, it sure is handy to have around.


Interested? This exciting content line-up is bundled as a bonus for new subscribers who upgrade to a PLDT HOME Telpad Plan for only P1699 a month. The plan comes with a landline, a PLDT HOME DSL connection with speed boost and a Quad Core tablet. WOW.

To find out how to enjoy this kid-friendly entertainment bundle at home, visit any PLDT Sales and Service Center or go to

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