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Headaches? Here’s Probably Why You’re Getting Them

Are you having frequent headaches lately? Headaches can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the cause is obvious (e.g. a recent injury, the flu), but in other cases, it may not be so obvious.

Frequent headaches are likely to be the result of a continuous habit of a lifestyle choice. By getting to the bottom of the cause, you can put a stop to the pain.

Below are just some of the common causes of frequent headaches…


Stress causes blood vessel changes which can lead to tension headaches (usually causing pain in the forehead and back of the neck). If you’re stressed out by work or family life or other responsibilities, this could be the reason for your headaches.

Make sure that you’re giving yourself time to destress each day. Stress-busting activities to try include taking a hot bath, laughing, listening to music, meditating, or exercising. I also recently started using essential oils to help me find my center during stressful days. I buy mine from Lana Lane.

Eye strain

Since the pandemic started, a lot of our work have moved online. If you’re experiencing pain behind the eyes, it could be due to eye strain.

Various things can put a strain on our eyes, such as spending long hours in front of a bright screen (especially in the evening). If this is the case, commit to taking regular breaks or consider using software to dim your screen at night so that the blue light is less intense.

Another probable cause is not wearing the right glasses. If you’re not wearing your prescription glasses or wearing the wrong prescription, this could be a cause of your headaches – you can buy prescription glasses from sites like


This is something I’m guilty of! If you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day, this too could lead to headaches.

Such headaches are usually accompanied by a dry mouth and a sense of thirst. They are the typical ‘hangover headache’ that people get after drinking a lot of alcohol, given that alcohol dehydrates the body. Too much coffee could also possibly cause these types of headaches.

Making sure that you’re drinking lots of water throughout the day can prevent this type of headache.

Medication side effects

Certain medications may cause headaches – especially if you’re taking more than the recommended dose. The most common example of this is taking too many painkillers, which often results in a migraine.

Mixing certain medications may also bring on a headache. Do your research into any medication that you happen to be taking in order to see what the side effects are, or better yet, consult with your doctor so he/she can adjust what you’re taking.

Other triggers

Headaches can occur for many other reasons.

Many people that suffer from migraines often have single triggers that can be avoided much like allergy triggers – these could include certain types of food or certain disturbances in one’s daily routine such as waking up later. A headache could even be caused by tying up one’s hair or wearing a headband or even wearing goggles and a swim cap.

Most headaches are harmless. However, others can be more serious and shouldn’t be ignored. If the headache is continuous and seems to be getting worse, it’s worth booking an appointment with a doctor.

Headaches accompanied by seizures, slurred speech, a fever, loss of memory, loss of balance, hallucinations, or blurry vision are also worth seeing a doctor for.  This guide offers more information on when to worry about a headache.

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