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Honestbee Review

We all have those days. You know, when you’re hands are full with work and kids then bam! You open the refrigerator and there’s no food left. Silly you forgot to go to the grocery to restock. Did that ever happen to you? Gosh, I wish I’m not the only one!

My Honest Review of honestbee

It’s crazy that it happens to me even when I have Puregold right next door. It’s just that I’ve been so busy with the three kids who all have their own thing going on–golf, gymnastics, parkour–and not to mention my business, which is like a fourth baby who needs a lot of love and attention or else we’ll go hungry. 😀

I’ve been seeing a lot of positive reviews on blogs and social media, but it took me a while before trying it because hello, nakakahiya kasi katabi ko na ang grocery! But then the day came when I actually needed honestbee.

It was mid-day when I discovered that we were low on supplies. It’s the lowest of lows because I only had to eat fruits for lunch. Haha! Although Puregold is just a quick walk from our building, I couldn’t go because I had work to finish and it was raining cats and dogs. I didn’t want to leave my work nor did I want to go out in the rain with Charlie, so I finally gave in to the honestbee craze. (P.S. If you click that link and you sign up under my code, I’ll get PHP500 off my next purchase AND you’ll get PHP500 off on your purchase, too, as long as it PHP2,500 and up.)

I downloaded the app, registered, then starting adding items from Robinsons Supermarket to my virtual cart. I was skeptical at first until I realized how hassle-free it is to easily scroll through the different departments and just click on items I need at home. They even let you add substitutes in case the store doesn’t have the item you need, which answered my question about unavailable items. If you don’t add a substitute, your concierge shopper will call/text you about available substitutes.

Once I was done shopping, I was asked for what payment option I’d like to use.

Payment Options

honestbee accepts credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard), but if you’re the cautious type, they also have the Cash On Delivery option.

I didn’t have cash on hand that day so I used my PayMaya card to pay for our groceries. You guys, if you don’t use a credit card and you prefer to go cashless, PayMaya is THE BOMB. I use it for everything!

Delivery and honestbee Fees

After payment, you will be asked for your delivery address and your preferred time of delivery. I chose 6 PM and the delivery guy came at the agreed time. The delivery fee is waived if you reached the store’s minimum spend. However, if you don’t then you’ll need to pay an additional ₱49.

Aside from the delivery fee, you will also need to pay ₱99 for the Concierge Fee. This is basically your payment for using the app and for having another person do the shopping for you.

What I love about honestbee

One word: CONVENIENCE! With an app like honestbee, I can do my groceries from the comfort of my home and in just a few minutes. I can do it during my work break, while I’m breastfeeding, or while I’m binge watching my favorite Netflix shows.

They even made grocery shopping from the app easier by saving the last batch of items you bought so you can easily add those to your cart.

Furthermore, it’s easier to stay within budget since I see my total while I shop. So, what I do is I list down all the items I need, shop on honestbee, then adjust my cart by adding/removing items with just a click.

Will I use honestbee again?

Definitely! I’m all for anything that will share the load of homemaking. With honestbee, I can tick my groceries off my list of things to do since I can just spend a few minutes on the app, then have my personal shopper do the shopping for me. No more traffic! No more lines!

You can register for your own honestbee account here:

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