You are currently viewing Need parenting or child care advice? Huggies Philippines’ Expert Panel is the tool you need!

Need parenting or child care advice? Huggies Philippines’ Expert Panel is the tool you need!

Are you a new parent? Do you have questions about child care? When The Princess was born, I felt extremely lost. I had so many questions about child rearing and was receiving numerous advice ranging from funny to down right bizarre. Think: Palawayan ang tiyan o paa para hindi mabalis.

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Luckily for new parents today, there are a whole lot of tools you can refer to if you have questions about child rearing. One of these tools is the Expert Panel, an online consultation tool that can serve as a guide for parents. Developed by Kimberly-Clark Philippines, Huggies Philippines’ parent company, in partnership with Perinatal Association of the Philippines (PAP), the Expert Panel is a free online hub for moms (and dads) where they can get direct access to tips and advice on motherhood and child care.

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“As the lead advocate and major advisory body on maternal and neonatal healthcare in the Philippines, we are very proud and excited of our partnership with Kimberly-Clark Philippines,” Dra. Ma. Theresa Hilario-Jimenez, President of PAP, said. “Together we hope to continue advocating for optimal and ethical care among healthcare providers and our stakeholders; promoting a harmonious collaboration between both parties,” she added.

According to a research conducted by Kimberly-Clark Philippines, one of the top sources moms use to get tips on child rearing is online information. This is why Huggies Philippines created the Expert Panel where they can get credible tips from experts about neonatal care and parenthood in general.

To learn more about the Expert Panel, visit You can also like them on Facebook to get daily updates on the latest products and promos.

A SIDE NOTE: Remember that more than an online consultation tool, it is still best to consult with your child’s pediatrician especially on matters concerning health. Your child’s pediatrician knows his/her medical history the most so he/she knows how to handle your child best.

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