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“Patriotism does not only mean dying for your country, but also about being proud of your country – in whatever way you can express it.”

This is what my husband, Arjay, said when I asked him about his art works. Coming from a police academy, this is an unexpected answer. Like most people, I’d expect him to say that patriotism is all about fighting for your country until death. But, he would rather show his love for the Philippines through his art, which he believes is one of the most honest forms of expression.

Pinoy art
Pencil Sketch by Cesar Arjay A. Reyes

This is one of A’s masterpieces when he was still training as a cadet in PNPA, featured in the academy’s literary folio (Shako Maroon and Gold Edition, 2009).

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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  1. Camille Duque-Aguila

    Wow! Ganda sobra! 🙂 one of my frustrations to. Gusto ko magdraw kaso hindi talaga kaya ng kamay ko. Hehe

    1. Kim Reyes

      Thank you 🙂 He really loves to do lots of artsy things. I’m thinking of featuring his works on the blog.

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