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February Mom Finds

Believe it or not, I’m still not done shopping for my after-birth essentials. It could just be the hormones, though, combined with hours and hours of breastfeeding with nothing else to do but to shop online. Haha! Anyway. This month, I’m featuring some of my cool finds online. If you’re about to give birth or just gave birth, these are some things you might want to buy to help you out.

Ultimate Labor and Delivery Kit

I discovered this Ultimate Labor and Delivery Kit while online shopping for breastfeeding clothes. I didn’t have this kit when I gave birth to Charlie, but I sure wish I had one with me.

The Ultimate Labor and Delivery Kit packs everything you need for birth! |

It has all your labor and delivery needs packed in a chic bag. Talk about giving birth in style!

M2 Concentrate

Okay. I love iced tea, but I know too much of it is bad because of all the sugar that goes into it. So, I went ahead and tried the M2 concentrate.

I also heard that M2 Malunggay for breastfeeding moms works great. I haven’t been drinking it long enough to really tell if it increased my supply, but what I can say is that it’s a yummy substitute for sweetened drinks. It doesn’t smell pleasant (for me), but it surprisingly tastes good even without calamansi/lemon. I just make mine with four tablespoons of the concentrate mixed with water. You can serve it hot or cold – I like it cold.

You can buy M2 in Robinson’s Supermarket or buy a pack of M2 in Lazada if you don’t feel like going out. Happens a lot to me! I heard you can also buy it from Andok’s branches, but I haven’t checked out the branch near our house so I’m not sure if they really have it there.

UPDATE: After drinking two glasses daily for a week, I seemed to have increased milk supply. How I was able to tell is through the milk output I got whenever I pump from my other breast with the Haaka while my son feeds from the other breast. I am now able to pump more, which means this works for me!

M2 Malunggay for breastfeeding = TWO THUMBS UP!

Baby K’Tan Carrier

I first discovered Baby K’Tan when My Baby Dragon made it available in the Philippines a couple of years ago. I happened to pass by their booth in one of Mommy Mundo’s events and tried it out with my son, Caleb. I immediately fell in love with the functionality, ease of use, and style. It didn’t just serve as a comfy carrier for both my baby and I, but also worked well as a nursing cover.

So when I had Charlie five years later, the Baby K’Tan was definitely part of my shopping list. Because I wanted the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Yarn Dyed Cotton Print in Olive Green (PHP3,150), I’ve had to wait a month for stocks to arrive. The wait was sure worth it because it’s so pretty! Tiffany, the mom behind Baby K’Tan Philippines, said we’re the first to have it in the country!

If you want to keep your baby close all the time, but also need your hands to be free for other things you need to do, then buy yourself a Baby K’Tan. You can purchase your own Baby K’Tan carrier here. It’s super helpful especially now that I have three kids since I get to keep little Charlie close while still being able to help out Kelly and Caleb whenever they need me to do something with them.

Breastfeeding Clothes

I honestly did not shop for breastfeeding clothes before giving birth. I thought I’d be able to wing it with my normal clothes, but I was so wrong. Moms, it’s so hard to breastfeed with normal clothes–especially when you’re out and about.

The problem with some breastfeeding clothes, to be honest, is that they’re not stylish. Just like the Baby K’Tan, I want functionality, comfort, AND style. I mean, nakaka-losyang look na nga ang breastfeeding so at least have stylish clothes on, right?!

So I did a few searches online and I found this super elegant-looking Jesse Dress.

I love that it doesn’t look like a breastfeeding dress at all, but it actually provides the functionality you need to breastfeed comfortably. It isn’t obvious, but there’s actually a slit on the chest that you can easily open when it’s nursing time.

I also like that it’s black so in case of let-down, which happens a lot especially during your baby’s first weeks, it won’t be obvious. The color is pretty easy to pair with anything, too, which makes for a hassle-free dress up for mom! 😀

Tell me, what are your postpartum must-haves? Share it in the comment section below to help out other moms!

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