The Amazing Hunt at Fun Ranch

Fun Ranch is one of our go-to places every time we want to give Kelly a treat. Aside from being near where we live, I like how the rides are toddler-friendly (unlike other amusement parks where most of the rides are for bigger kids already).

Yesterday, Fun Ranch, in cooperation with Pepsi, hosted The Amazing Hunt for bloggers and their families to launch their newly upgraded ride: the Dragon Roller Coaster. They kicked off the event with a quick warm up wherein the kids and parents grooved to the tune of Call Me Maybe. Unfortunately, The Princess was fast asleep (she was down because she just had her flu shot earlier that day) during the warm up. After dancing, the host asked the parents and their kids to gather and prepare for the next activity: The Amazing Hunt.

Because Daddy A loves joining games in parties, he woke the little girl up so they can participate. Haha! It’s a good thing that our little girl enjoys activities like these. Instead of waking up grumpy, she woke up excited and ready to play.

The hunt started inside the Rainbow Room. They were given their first clue there then the teams went running around Fun Ranch. If I didn’t have The Little Man with me then, I would have taken lots of photos of the teams racing from one point to another. They all seem to be having lots of fun trying to beat each other to the next station. But since the little man was still feeling sick, I just decided to stay inside the Rainbow Room and waited for the families to come back. In fairness, the host was very entertaining while we were waiting inside the room. Ang ganda ng voice! 😉

Minutes after the teams dashed out of the room, the first team arrived. Not too long after the first team, the second team arrived too. To my surprise, it was Daddy A and The Princess! I wish I had a camera to capture the moment. The little girl was all smiles as they entered the room. I knew she enjoyed the hunt.

We waited for the rest of the teams to arrive then the host invited us over to the buffet table where lots of yummy food were prepared for the participants. After eating and getting some rest after running around, the prizes were given to the winners.

Since our team won second place in The Amazing Hunt, we got ourselves a free meal for 10-12 persons! That is aside from the goodies we received for joining the event: two ride-all-you-can passes and two passes at the Playdium. Yipee!

After the awarding and after claiming my order of lactation goods from Crumbs and Grubs (yum, yum!), Daddy A and I decided to go home. I would have loved to stay longer to have a chat with the other bloggers who attended the event, but our little man wasn’t feeling well at all. I wasn’t even able to get their names and blog addresses! *face palm*

Anyway. That’s how we spent our Saturday. Again, thank you to Fun Ranch for inviting us to such a fun-tastic event! And many thanks to Happy Mommy Adventures, too, for informing us about The Amazing Hunt (and for the lactation cookies & brownies too — happy breastfeeding Mommy right here!).

Kimberley Reyes

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