Drained Mommy

Ugh. The Little Man is sick again. He’s been coughing non-stop for two days already so we decided to bring him to his pediatrician. The doctor said he seems to be showing signs of developing asthma. It’s not surprising since it runs in the family. But I still pray that it’s just the usual cough and not asthma.

I asked the pediatrician for advice as to how we can strengthen The Little Man’s immune system. She said it’s good that I breastfeed, but I should also watch what I eat. She suggested that I eat a lot of food that are good sources of anti-oxidants: so that’s lots of fruits and vegetables.

I have to admit, I haven’t been eating healthy lately. I was able to prepare decent meals back when we had helpers around (and back when Daddy A wasn’t so busy with work so he can go home every now and then), but now that I’m help-less again, it’s just too difficult. Most of the time, I just drink hot chocolate in the morning. Munch on toasted bread for lunch. Then eat whatever I can prepare for dinner. If the kids are grumpy (grumpy kid = wants to be carried by Mommy all the time), I resort to ordering fastfood.

Bad for my health. Bad for our budget, too.

The only thing I can think of doing now is to prepare meals for the whole week on weekends, place the meals in the fridge and just heat them up when I need to eat. What do you think?

ANYWAY. I shall figure something out soon.

For the meantime, here are a few photos from the past week. I’m just thankful that although Caleb is sick, he remains jolly and hasn’t infected his big sister. 😀

Happy Little Lady
Little Fire Fighters

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