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Having an infant around sure is hard work. Although Charlie sleeps longer now, I still have to wake up every few hours to nurse him and cuddle him to sleep. During the day, I have to take care of our two bigger kids and work at the same time. No wonder I’m drained by the end of the week! That’s why I make it a point to treat myself to a massage every week, or if budget permits, a staycation. We usually go on staycations in Metro Manila, but this time around, we decided to go on a family staycation in Antipoloย – Cloud 9 Antipolo.

Cloud 9 Antipolo is a family-friendly resort hotel atop the mountains of Antipolo.

The Hotel

Cloud 9 Resort Hotel is one of the first hotels built in the city and the rooms and amenities show it. Although outdated in look, a lot of people still head over to this resort hotel not just to stay for the night, but also to enjoy their restaurant with a view. This Antipolo hotel is often picked as a wedding and debut venue because of the view.

But if you ask me, this hotel makes for an amazingย family staycation in Antipolo! For one, it’s very affordable. There are different types of rooms depending on the number of people you’re booking for, making it a great pick for your family or barkada getaway, couple staycation, or even a big event like conferences, weddings, and birthdays.


Cloud 9 Resort Hotel is conveniently located along Sumulong Highway, the main road leading into the mountain city of Antipolo. Public utility vehicles pass by the hotel, making it easy to reach even if you don’t have a car. If you’re commuting there, though, prepare yourself for a hike going up the resort hotel. Public utility vehicles will off-load you at the main entrance, but you have to walk up going to the main area of the resort hotel.

Don’t fret, though. Your effort going to the resort hotel won’t go to waste. Cloud 9 Antipolo provides a beautiful 360 view from the mountains of Antipolo, giving you a chance to take in the picturesque scene of the Metro Manila skyline or the mountain tops of Sierra Madre.

It is also just a few minutes away from Robinson’s Antipolo and the New Antipolo Public Market so in case you need to buy something, you can just drive to the mall or take a jeepney/tricycle going there. Don’t forget to stop by the stands on the roadside for your pasalubong! The suman and casuy in Antipolo are a must buy!

The Rooms

Cloud 9 Antipolo is a family-friendly resort hotel atop the mountains of Antipolo.

The hotel is rather old and the rooms are quite outdated. However, I feel like there’s a charm to its old furniture and design. The rooms could use newer appliances though.

We tried their Penthouse for our stay, which is the only room of its kind in the resort hotel. It is one of the few rooms in the Cloud9 Building Rooms and Suites. The room has a 360-degree view and comes with a double bed and two single beds. There is also a living room and a dining room with a long table that can seat six. The bathroom comes with a shower and bathtub – a must for our minis!

If you work from anywhere like I do, you’ll be thrilled to know that Cloud 9 Building Rooms and Suites have wifi internet access. Yay! The speed is reasonable – okay for checking e-mails and other light work.

We have tried their room in the Celestial Building, which is the building near the pool area, during our New Year’s Eve staycation. However, the rooms here do not have access to wifi internet and the television has poor signal. If you’re going on a staycation, there’s no point in staying in a room where you have nothing to do. So if you’re going there for a staycation, get the Penthouse.

Facilities & Activities

Cloud 9 Antipolo is a family-friendly resort hotel atop the mountains of Antipolo.

The resort hotel is most known for its 360-degree viewing deck that can be reached through the famous Cloud 9 Antipolo hanging bridge. The deck will give you a beautiful view of Metro Manila and the Sierra Madre mountain range. Note that the hanging bridge has an entrance fee. However, it’s free for their hotel guests and restaurant diners. All you need to do is to present your receipt at the entrance – so don’t lose your receipt!

Cloud 9 Resort Hotel also has pools, but being located atop a mountain, it’s often too cold to take a dip. Our minis tried swimming when we stayed here last December, but they didn’t last long. LOL! I didn’t dare try it myself.


The resort hotel has its own restaurant, although checked in guests may have their food delivered to their room.

I can’t say that the food at the Cloud 9 Antipolo restaurant is exceptional. It’s actually a bit pricey for the serving size. I guess what makes their restaurant inviting is that it has a nice view of the Metro Manila skyline.

Service-wise, I’m not a fan. Service is a bit slow. The restaurant could use more hands to handle the number of diners at the restaurant.


Cloud 9 Resort Hotel is great for a family staycation. The rooms are spacious enough and although the terrain is a bit of a challenge, it’s great for a morning walk with kids. We love the cool weather at the hotel, as well as the relaxed, old-school vibe and the beautiful view the Antipolo hotel provides its guests. If you’re looking for some quiet time with the family, this is the place to go.

BUDGET:ย The price range of their rooms are pretty affordable, which is great! You’ll get value for your money – just don’t expect modern accommodation because this hotel is really old school.

Cloud 9 Antipolo
Sumulong Highway Brgy. Sta. Cruz
Antipolo City
(02) 584-3011


Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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  1. Ryan Elnar

    Thanks for sharing this, It’s good to know there are alternatives to hotels in Metro Manila for a staycation.

  2. Ramona Jessica

    I didn’t know that Cloud 9 has a hotel. Wow! Ganda. I would definitely check this out, very relaxing ang penthouse.

  3. Aci Girl

    The place looks very pinoy, Lovin the woodworks, and I instantly got flashbacks from the past. I wanna see and stay in this place too! Yung vibe classic!

  4. Janice

    When I was in college, my friends and I sometimes hang out near Cloud 9 so I’m familiar with that hotel. I haven’t been inside though. It does look like a great place for a family staycation. And I can attest to the view being really great in that area.

  5. Louisa

    You had me at WiFi! Though I know the aim of a vacation is to get away and relax it’s next to impossible. I have to check my emails at least. I like modern rooms to be honest but could appreciate a dated suite4 if it’s as charming as this. I have actually heard of this and had been wondering about it.

  6. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    Wow! The room looks so rustic! It’s a good break from the usual modern looking hotel rooms. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. tweenselmom

    The rooms looks nice. I wish you have some photos of the view outside ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Joy

    We frequent Antipolo because of it’s nice, cool weather. I love the charm of old houses and old furniture. Now we know where to go next when we visit Antipolo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    The room looks quite homey, which is nice. The ambiance reminds me of our ancestral home in Cavite. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Edel San

    The place looks relaxing and rejuvenating! I want to go there but I think after the Holy Week na to avoid the crowd. Its very near Metro Manila also. A great alternative to the beach ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. EINz

    Seems okay for a staycation. Iโ€™m not sure though if the kids will love the feel of old fashioned-style set up.

  12. Veni

    Wow! I love the place’s look. Love it’s vintage style and theme. My family’s planning a staycation this summer we’ll take this in consideration. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Nish

    My family and I love staycations and this place would surely be one of our destinations very soon! Thanks so much to your blog, mommy Kim! <3

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