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My Favorite Mommy Time Indulgences

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Last night, I finally had the chance to go to a spa for a massage. How long has it been since I last had one? I honestly cannot remember anymore. I’ve been very busy for months already that I can barely find time to relax. Even my mom and in laws noticed that I look so tired; as if I haven’t been sleeping. That’s not healthy, I know, which is why I’m slowly going back to a more balanced lifestyle. I’m also rethinking some of my commitments so I can let go of what aren’t doing me any good and which ones are actually adding value to my life.

While I’m getting things all sorted out, I thought I’d treat myself to what I call Mommy Time Indulgences. These are little breaks I go on to recharge my mind and body. Here are some of my favorites:

Reading. I haven’t read for the longest time so recently, I bought a couple of books for my one hour drop-everything-and-read time. What I’m currently reading is Lois Lowry’s Son, the last installment that followed The Giver, Gathering Blue, and Messenger. I absolutely love these books by Lois Lowry so I’m super thrilled that after five years–yes five!–I’m finally reading the last book. Next on my list are Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s The One Minute Manager and Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. Any other recommendations?

1/48: Self PortraitMusic. I haven’t played the violin for a while now because my violin needs to be replaced after getting soaked in rain water. 🙁 But that didn’t end my love of music. While I save up for a new violin, I’ve been treating myself to a daily dose of The Piano Guys. If you haven’t heard them play, please check their YouTube channel out. They are my musical idols!

Spa Nights. I only really get some time off at night so it’s really helpful that a lot of spas in our area are open until the wee hours in the morning. My favorite go-to spa is Brezza Wellness Center. This spa is super affordable, but I can really vouch for the quality of their service. If you’re from Rizal, try them out!

Driving. There’s a relaxing magic to driving. Just this weekend, we took a 4-hour drive to Cabanatuan City to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday and it did wonders in relaxing me. It was a stormy drive to the countryside, but it actually did me good because I lost my cell’s signal and finally disconnected myself from the internet–something that’s difficult for me since all my work happens online.

I wine and dine. But this need not be in a fancy restaurant. I enjoy this right in the comfort of my own home while the minis are at their grandma’s house. 😀 One new hobby I’m learning to love is cooking…and now I’ve been exploring pairing food with a good glass of wine. A recent discovery of mine is the new line of Southern French wines from Les Domaines Paul Mas–the Arrogant Frog.

Arrogrant Frog
The four variants offered by Arrogant Frog.

I first had a taste of these traditional yet innovative wines by Jean-Claude Mas in the wine tasting event of Arrogant Frog organized by Forth & Tay at the beautiful penthouse restaurant, Le Jardin in BGC.

Forth & Tay
Winemaker Guillaume Borrot and James du Vivier of Forth & Tay talking about Arrogant Frog.

I don’t know much about wines, but this small gathering made me appreciate wines as Guillaume Borrot, one of Arrogant Frog’s winemakes, shared how each variant is carefully made. And with this much care put into it, I can say that they’ve produced wines that anyone can enjoy…even at home!

Arrogant Frog
With Daddy A and our friend Maggie from Forth & Tay. Thank you for entertaining us and all our questions about wine (and other things!). 😀

So what’s my favorite variant? Daddy A and I both agreed that it has to be Tutti Frutti. It went perfectly well with the cheeses and tarts that went around the restaurant. My favorite pairing with this, however, is Salmon.

If you’d like to bring one of these home to enjoy during your mommy time or share a glass with friends in your gatherings, you can purchase Arrogant Frog from partner restaurants (like Le Jardin) or order from Forth & Tay. Wine lovers from Cebu and Davao can get this in retail outlets.

Although I love going on Mommy Time Indulgences, I have to admit that time with my husband and the minis is at the top of my favorite indulgences for relaxation. What’s a spa night without the whole family to enjoy it with or wining and dining if it’s not in the company of someone you love being with right? That’s why I’m really striving to get my balance back so I can spend more quality time with them. Hopefully, I can achieve that very, very soon.

How about you? What’s your favorite mommy time indulgence? Share it in the comments section below!

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