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Photobook: Capturing Your Most Treasured Moments

In this digital age, we take a lot of photos, but rarely have them printed out… which is sad because there’s nothing like a physical album that you can browse through whenever you want to relive special moments. If you ask me, I rarely have photos printed out because I have no idea how to store them. I’m not a fan of those old-style albums our parents used for storing our photos–but I do love photo books. I never had photo books printed, though, because I thought they’re expensive. But not Photobook.

Photobook lets you create printed books from photos you upload through their website. |

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Photobook lets you create beautiful photo books easily. From wedding books, engagement albums, year in review, travel books, personal portfolios, to corporate books – they can do it for you! Their photo books start at just Php 1,200. The price will vary depending on the type of photo book you choose, they paper you want to use, and the size.

All you need to do to get started is to create an account with them, choose your photo book preferences, then upload your photos! For easier photo book creation, you can download Photobook Designer and Readybooks. These software will allow you customize your photo book without having to use complicated programs like Photoshop. Or, you can choose from the ready-made templates available within the software so you just have to drag and drop your photos!

When I discovered Photobook, I immediately tried the service through their app. Yes, folks. They have an app that allows you to create photo books from your phone! You can download the app from the App Store or from Google Play.

Photobook lets you beautifully store your treasured moments. |

While I love the ease of use provided by the app (you just upload then drag the photos according to how you want them printed), it doesn’t give as much design options compared to when you create a photo book from the website using their software.

Photobook is an affordable way to print out photos. |

I love the quality of the photo book I ordered. The photos, although taken with just my iPhone, are printed beautifully. The hard cover is perfect for protecting the pages. Just by the look and feel of the book, I can tell it will last.

My only concerns are that:

  • the design I chose for my cover; and
  • the sequence I chose for my photos were not followed.

I double checked the project in the app, everything looks right there. I have gotten in touch with their support team and they responded right away. They will still investigate what happened so I’ll update this post once they figure things out.

Other than the two concerns above, I can vouch for Photobook. They deliver what they promise: quality and affordable photo books.

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