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Discovering Kid Friendly Things To Do in Manila with Kidadoo

No plans this weekend yet? We went ahead and created a list of kid friendly things to do in Manila for families looking for a fun family day out! These are things we’ve done and places we’ve gone to as a family–expect this list to grow bigger since there are so many things to do in Metro Manila.

Let kids be who they want to be in Kidzoona's Pretend Play Area.

Shall we start?

7 Kid Friendly Things To Do in Manila

KIDZOOONA | Kidzooona is an indoor edutainment center for kids operated by Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines. As of this writing, they already have 30 branches not just in Metro Manila, but all over the Philippines! It is one of our minis’ favorite go to indoor playgrounds because there is so much to do the moment they step into this fantasy world for children.

This indoor playground is a fun place to hang out in for kids of all ages since different areas cater for different age groups. The bigger kids can hang out at the Ball Pit and Slides while the little ones who are just starting to crawl or walk can play at the Toddler Area–a new addition to Kidzoona–where they can practice their gross motor skills.

Kidzoona launched their new Toddler Area for kids aged 0-2 years old.

There is also an area where children’s fine motor skills and logic are tested as they try to create buildings, cars, and whatever their imagination tells them to create with blocks and magnetic tiles.

Kidzoona WalterMart has play areas for kids of all ages. |

Parents and guardians can also encourage their children to get social with other kids in the Pretend Play Area where kids come together in a pretend community as cashiers, bakers, cooks, grocery store clerks, doctors, firemen, and more.

Kids can be who they want to be in Kidzoona.

Our last play date was at Kidzooona Walter Mart where you will find the first Toddler Area. We were told a Toddler Area will be added to other branches soon! We absolutely love this branch since it’s spacious and has a lot of activities for kids. The minis even had a chance to join one of their games and won goodie bags from Kidzooona. Super fun!

Check out Kidadoo for more family-friendly places to visit!

MANILA OCEAN PARK | For a fun and educational family activity in Metro Manila, take the kids to Manila Ocean Park where they will learn more about the underwater world. If you want to get more interactive, purchase tickets that will allow you to interact with the animals in the park!

SIP & GOGH | My eldest is the artistic type and she truly enjoys activities that allow her to get creative with colors. This is why we love taking her to places like Sip & Gogh where she can express her creative side in a cozy place while sipping on tasty drinks with us.

KIDS IN THE KITCHEN BY THE COOKERY PLACE | If our eldest loves to paint, our Little Man loves to hang out in the kitchen with his dad. Do you have an aspiring chef in your family? The Cookery Place’s Little Chefs Class or Junior Chefs Class offer a hands-on class for kids aged 5 to 14 years old wherein they will be taught kitchen skills they can use at home.

LAZERTAG EXTREME | Before having kids, my husband and I would hang out at LazerTag Extreme for a game or two with other players. Thankfully, our two minis also love the game! We love that LazerTag Extreme teaches our children collaboration, cooperation, and strategic planning. Give them a few years and they’ll be able to beat us already!

TRAMPOLINE PARK | We try to limit our minis’ gadget use since we noticed that they get addicted to the games easily. Since they only get a few hours a week with their iPad, we fill up the rest of the week with physical activities to keep them occupied and also to insert some exercise into their routine. One of the best places to bring kids to if you want them to get fit and active is Trampoline Park. I tell you, bedtime won’t be a problem after playing here!

KIDS YOGA WITH TEACHER IKKA | They say that meditation is also good for kids as it helps keep them calm and focused amidst all the distractions around them. Kids Yoga is a great activity for children as it incorporates physical fitness, music and movement, storytelling, arts and crafts, and calming techniques.

Looking for more places for some family friendly fun in Metro Manila? Head over to and find an activity your whole family will love! Kidadoo is an online portal that connects parents with family-friendly businesses and activities, making planning a day out with the kids easy peasy!

Kidadoo is an online portal that connects parents to family friendly businesses and activities. |

Big thanks to Kidzooona WalterMart and Kidadoo for a fun play day with our minis!

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