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Adventures That Matter: Kids Camp at The Farm

As you may have noticed, our family has been traveling quite a lot lately. My husband, Arjay, and I recently had a talk and we agreed that we want the minis to spend more time out in the world instead of just spending their days in school and at home.

Encourage learning in an outdoor setting at Kids Camp at The Farm
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel

While we love both their schools (they go to different schools) to bits because of the unique way they teach their students, we feel that we need to support what they are learning in school with life skills that they can only learn if they go out and explore. Hence, our weekly trips to places near and far.

There are three things we consider when planning our weekend adventures:

  1. Our budget, of course.
  2. Activities available for the minis’ ages.
  3. Location, because my husband is not always able to go too far from his area of responsibility.

All three of our requirements were met when we were given the opportunity to try out Kids Camp at The Farm. A joint offer of MAD Travel, Human Nature, and Plush & Play, the camp aims to inspire the entrepreneur and nature-lover inside each child.

Kids Camp at The Farm encourages children to go on adventures that matter.
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel

Kids Camp at the Farm is open to children aged 3-12 years. The registration fee is Php 2,200 per head, which includes a farm-to-table lunch, snacks, Human Nature Bug Shield Spray (very important!), and activities. Note that kids below 6 years old require an adult companion.

Speaking of our activities, here’s a peek at what we did that day…

The minis got to try feeding goats and pigs – their favorite activity that day!

Feeding goats at Kids Camp at The Farm
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel
Caleb at Kids Camp at The Farm
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel
Kids Camp at The Farm aims to awaken the entrepreneur and nature-lover in every child.
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel

They learned how to stuff and sew plush toys (thanks to Plush & Play!)

Plush & Play supports the community by hiring mothers in the production line.
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel
Kids will learn to stuff and sew their own plush toy at Kids Camp at The Farm
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel

They baked their own crinkles and made their own peanut butter.

Kelly with her friend Gaby at Kids Camp at The Farm
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel

We capped off our day camp with a game with the community kids and a painting session wherein the kids were asked to paint their dream. Caleb wasn’t able to participate here since he requested to go to the bakeshop to buy a bag full of the best cheese bread ever. Kelly, on the other hand, painted what she did the whole day, which she does every time we go on a family adventure.

Kids cap off their day with a painting session about their dreams and aspirations.
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel

We asked them what they loved the most about the day camp and both said, with excited voices, “Everything! Can we do it again?” Truly, the whole experience was a unique one for us. We usually travel to teach the minis about the places we go to – the history, the people, and sometimes when we can, science facts.

Kids Camp at The Farm teaches kids about social enterprises and why these matter.
Photo courtesy of MAD Travel

At Kids Camp at The Farm, they taught the kids all of that and more. Aside from the experience of working in a farm, the minis’ eyes were opened to what a social enterprise is and why we need to support a cause like that. They learned what most of us have forgotten: that parents send their children to good schools so they can eventually use their knowledge and skills to help others; that the end goal of studying hard is not just to land a job that will make you rich, but to share what you have with those who do not have anything at all.

5 Tips Before You Go to Kids Camp at The Farm
  1. Wear ‘work’ clothes! Expect a lot of walking (on muddy ground) so it’s best to wear a breathable shirt, jogging pants, and rubber shoes.
  2. Bring water. You’ll be doing lots of work so make sure you pack a bottle of water to keep you hydrated all day.
  3. Bring lots of extra clothes. Not two, not three – lots of it. The kids will get extra sweaty and dirty at The Farm so be ready with a change of clothes.
  4. Bring an umbrella. In case it rains…which it did during our visit.
  5. Put on mosquito repellant. Since it’s a farm, expect that there will be lots of mosquitoes around. To be safe, make sure you protect yourselves with a repellant.

Again, many thanks to MAD Travel, Human Nature, and Plush & Play for inviting us to Kids Camp at The Farm. We look forward to going on more adventures that matter with you!

Kids Camp at The Farm
Location: GK Enchanted Farm, Pandi-Angat Road, Angat, Bulacan
To register, go to visit (Mention that you were referred by to get a special gift from Mad Travel!)
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