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Why I let my children explore and what I do to protect them while they do

With two kids aged 5 years old and 3 years old, I often get mini heart attacks as I watch them explore their surroundings and their limits. You won’t believe the stunts they do and the curiosity they display!

However, despite the mini heart attacks they cause, my husband and I let them explore simply because it’s a great and fun way to learn. My teaching style is apparently very effective! I recently had my youngest assessed in a preschool and the teacher was surprised at how advanced he is at his age. This is all thanks to our experiential teaching style!

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Supporting our children’s experiential learning

As a progressive mom, I believe in experiential learning, which is why I let my minis explore the world around them—but I can’t help myself from worrying. Will they get hurt? Will they get sick? If you’re a parent too, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a never ending list of concerns when it comes to your child! They are, after all, our most precious treasures.

To ease my worries, I make sure that I protect my children inside and out. I teach them the importance of cleaning up after their activities to make sure they wash away germs and bacteria, and that they need take in healthy food and drinks to protect themselves from sickness.

And what better way to get a child to take in health-boosting nutrients but through their milk, right? I know mine love their milk with no one day that they miss drinking a glass.

Made by nature, made better by science.

Friso Four is one with parents in raising healthy and happy children by providing the right building blocks to make them strong from the inside. From its farms, cows are nurtured with extra care to get top quality milk. Then, scientists make the most of this natural goodness with the LockNutri technology, which preserves the natural milk protein, making it easier for our kids’ delicate tummies to digest.

Why should you choose Friso Four for your growing child?

  • Friso is known for its grass to glass and single process treatment of milk that helps lock in and preserve milk protein for healthier digestion.
  • Your child will get the full nutritive value of milk that will allow her to become more resilient and for parents to be more confident to let the child experience the world around her.
  • Quality of nutrients is at its core, with LockNutri preserving protein in its natural structure.

Let your child explore the world without you worrying like crazy—give him Friso Four, parents’ best friend in caring for their children.

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