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How To Get Out Of The Stay-At-Home Mom Rut

For some people, the opportunity to stay at home with the children is a dream. The more time they get with their little ones, the better!

For other people, the responsibility can be quite taxing. Those long days with only the children for company can be difficult. After all, there is only so much baby talk a person can take without going a little stir crazy. And for anybody who has had to give up a full-time career to be with their kids, there are extra difficulties. While parenting is rewarding, the transition from being a busy career person to being a stay-at-home mom can be an emotionally difficult one.

How To Get Out Of The Stay-At-Home Mom Rut

If staying at home all day with your kids was never your ideal, then you may feel as if you have fallen into a rut. Every day will roll into one, and outside of parenting, you may lose that sense of purpose you used to have. Still, you don’t have to stay in that rut. Despite the demands on you as a parent, you can still take steps to bring more purpose to the day, beyond diaper changing and keeping your kids entertained.

Step 1: Get out of your PJ’s

If you’re not leaving the house all day, you might be tempted to stay in your pj’s. After all, why bother getting dressed when the only people you will be spending time with are your children, right? They’re unlikely to pass judgment upon your fashion choices! But here’s the thing: You will feel better about yourself if you do make an effort to get dressed. Get a shower, put on some makeup, and wear something you like. On a mental level, you will feel as if you have accomplished something with your day, even if you don’t do very much afterward.

Step 2: Find some friends

Being at home all day with the kids can be isolating, so make the effort to be with people. If you already have mom friends (or even friends from way back!), invite them over, or meet up with them for coffee. Or if you are short of friends, then find places where you can meet people. Attend those ‘mother and toddler’ groups that may be happening near you. Take your child to the park and strike up a conversation with other mothers. And join a group or club that is child-friendly. The more people you have in your life, the less isolated you will feel, and the less bored you will become.

Step 3: Take on a side-hustle

This will both alleviate boredom and give you the opportunity to make money. It will also add more meaning to your day, above and beyond the things you do as a parent. We have some ideas here, so take a look, and do something that will make you feel as if you are more than just a mom!

Step 4: Study for a future career

You won’t be a stay-at-home mom forever, so if getting back into a career is important to you, take those steps that will increase your chances. There are all kinds of professional career-boosting courses that can be taken online, from basic skills learning to more advanced courses, such as this Masters of Engineering Management degree. Think about the career you want to get into/return to, and do something that will fit around your mom duties.

Step 5: Take time off

Finally, bring in those people who will care your kids while you take time away for yourself. Your partner may be able to have the kids during the evening. Extended family members or neighbors may take the kids off your hands during the day. When you know your children are being looked after, do something you enjoy, and give yourself some respite away from your regular mom duties.

Do you have any advice for other stay-at-home moms? Comment below!

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