King Sue Ham Hungarian Sausages Paired With A Simple Salad and Toasted Bread

A is such a huge fan of sausages. I swear, he buys a different type each week and prepares them in all sorts of ways he can think of. My favorite, however, is the simple hotdog in a bun with lots of ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce and pickles.

We weren’t scheduled to go grocery shopping this week, but A decided to go out and buy a pack of King Sue Ham’s Hungarian Sausage. Like I said, he loves ’em sausages so he just had to try this one. Anyway. Here’s a meal idea if you’re with us in our #JustCook challenge:

King Sue Ham Hungarian Sausage

1: King Sue Ham Hungarian Sausages, pan fried
2: Freshly baked bread from Pan De Manila, toasted
3: Simple salad made of diced tomatoes, boiled eggs and lettuce strips (with a bit of salt and pepper)

I love this combination! It has proteins, carbs and veggies; very filling (but doesn’t cause you to feel bloated afterward, which is perfect for dinner). They taste great together, too. A only put mustard underneath the sausages, but I just had to add ketchup and mayo on top after taking this photo because I cannot eat sausages without those three.

See? Homecooked meals aren’t so hard to prepare! This plate is very simple and took A about 20 minutes to cook and plate. 😉

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