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Last minute shopping? Shopwise and Honestbee got your back!

The Christmas season can get very busy, especially for parents. There are Christmas parties here and there. There are gifts to be bought; toys to be wrapped. That’s why we need all the help we can get to get things done!

Enter Shopwise and honestbee. I love, love, love honestbee because it has made my life much easier! With three little kids at home, grocery shopping became a chore I dreaded. Imagine me lugging around three minis in a store while trying my best to control them from getting stuff we don’t need.

Thankfully, with honestbee, I am able to purchase our weekly groceries from the comfort of our home, and just through my phone. I love that they leveled up because now they’ve partnered with the likes of Shopwise where you can not just buy groceries, but also gift packs! How convenient!

Shopwise now delivers through honestbee

“We’re living up to our promise of giving our customers more choices for their online grocery shopping, especially if they are looking for more affordable options for their daily essentials,” said Crystal Gonzalez, Managing Director of honestbee Philippines.

I’ve only gone as far as buying gifts for my kids’ friends. So, it’s a welcome treat that I can purchase gift baskets and party essentials from Shopwise through honestbee without the hassle of braving through Metro Manila traffic.

“We always try to find solutions to provide our customers the best and most convenient way to shop. Because of the changing lifestyles of modern moms, our partnership with honestbee allows us to still give them access to affordable quality goods,” said Anna Barrozo, Marketing Director of Shopwise.

Shop in Shopwise through honestbee and have your Shopwise groceries delivered!

So moms and dads, if you’re not yet done with your shopping list, don’t stress! Download the honestbee app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now and head over to the Shopwise store to fill up your pantry and order gifts for friends and family!

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  1. Mahesh Kumar @TranscriptionCI

    I appreciate @momonduty for giving more information on daily essentials and groceries shopping sites. The testimonials in the article attracted my attention and I’ll share this with one of my friends who struggles to find time to go to shopping malls due to her household chores and kids.

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